Managing the Hybrid Cloud

Data and Innovation at AWS re:Invent 2017

RussWritten by Russ Currie
As VP of Enterprise Strategy, Russ is responsible for working with enterprise customers, partners and field personnel to ensure that NETSCOUT’s products and solutions are meeting the needs of our customers and the market. Russ has over 15 years working at NETSCOUT where he has held many technical and marketing roles. Prior to joining NETSCOUT, Russ had worked in IT managing networks for Fidelity Investments and Digital Equipment Corporation where he installed some of the first production Ethernet networks.

As tens of thousands of cloud developers lined the Las Vegas Strip last week at AWS re:Invent, NETSCOUT was there re-inventing itself. Big topics of conversation at AWS re:Invent were data, machine learning, and building new services. When I looked through the tweets and blog posts, there seemed to be so many announcements and so many partnerships discussed, it was spectacularly overwhelming.

Let’s focus the conversation on managing cloud environments. Those attending re:Invent 2017 are the innovators that are building our future digital businesses and relying on AI and data to make their visions a reality. In large part, these services are going to be increasingly complex and deployed in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. This requires that IT leaders invest in services assurance solutions to manage these new cloud-based services. NETSCOUT is focused on helping our customers “Cloud Smarter.

As the velocity of the business increases, IT needs to keep pace. Business and developers are arming themselves with data and analytics. IT must do the same. But, IT needs some precision with their data and analytics. Rarely is IT afforded the luxury of time to analyze the data. If a service is “down” or performing poorly, IT must respond immediately and with precision.

NETSCOUT is focused on providing our customers with complete and consistent visibility throughout the hybrid and multi-cloud environment. Based on our ASI Smart Data, IT leaders can ensure that they are delivering high-quality services to their users and customers. At AWS re:Invent, Russ Currie, NETSCOUT’s VP of Enterprise Strategy, spoke about the cloud and managing hybrid cloud environments with John Wall and Keith Townsend of the CUBE. Listen to their conversation here:

Russ Currie at AWS ReInvent 2017

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