The Service Providers’ Journey to Cloud-Based Architectures

Meeting requirements for latency, agility, and reliability has never been more important


Moving to cloud-based architectures from traditional physical telecommunication systems is complicated and complex. Communications service providers (CSPs) are evolving on the 5G journey from traditional mobile network infrastructures to meet next-generation cloud-centric network requirements for reliability, agility, and latency from any location within any network (access, core, through the data center edge), using any application or service, with any technology.

CSPs moving to these next-generation networks must consider proactive measures for observability and security from the onset, working with diverse skill sets, while continuing to generate revenue.

See with Observability

It is impossible to fix what you cannot see, making observability into cloud-based microservices and network traffic critical for assuring services and service level agreements (SLAs). Enterprises are demanding stringent SLA guarantees from CSPs in support of services offered—for example, for healthcare or financial institutions, where network issues could involve a life-or-death situation, loss of revenue, or brand reputation—and the right observability measures can help to validate SLAs, network performance, and security measures.

Embrace Upskilling

Having the knowledge to effectively do the work ties it all together. A successful transition to the cloud must consider the organization’s skillset gaps and stay committed to including an onboarding strategy that supports critical knowledge transfer while continuously introducing new skillsets into the telecommunications ecosystem.

Get Proactive with Security

Proactively encrypting cloud systems to protect them from bad actors is an important observability measure to take for securing and protecting mobile networks and assuring 24/7 service uptime. Implementing a NETSCOUT solution that provides what we call Smart Data can enhance the security capabilities and overall service offerings for both CSPs and enterprises.

Generate Revenue with Every Slice

Looking ahead to 5G standalone network slicing (the 5G killer app), CSPs can generate revenue and continuously innovate with observability capabilities by providing a multitude of slices with custom offerings. They can provide these capabilities along with performance metrics to help them verify SLA outcomes and improve the quality of services rendered and customer experience delivered for any network, any application, and any service, with any technology.

Hear from NETSCOUT SVP and CTO Bruce Kelley and Director of Security Darren Anstee as they speak with the CUBE team at MWC 2024 about the crucial role of observability and security for 5G networks. Watch the video.