A Dynamic Duo in the Fight Against Pervasive 5G Cyberthreats

Packet-level network visibility is key to intelligent policy decisions.

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As 5G networks continue to grow in order to meet the increasing demands of mission-critical applications, concerns over cybersecurity are top-of-mind. The vast volume of data transmitted across 5G networks offers a ripe target for exploitation. According to a recent Palo Alto Networks study, nearly 70 percent of C-suite executives identified 5G-connected devices as a growing threat vector in operational technology.

This clear and present danger shines a spotlight on the need for the most effective approaches to protecting vital enterprise networks. The complexity of private 5G ecosystems compounds the challenges related to mitigating threats from constantly evolving cyberattackers. Gaining an upper hand is the goal of security professionals.

The Need for Pervasive, Packet-level Network Visibility

Although private 5G offers enterprises a powerful tool for enhancing performance, customization, security, and control over network infrastructure—going well beyond traditional wired LANs, Wi-Fi, and public 5G—the complexity of these environments creates vulnerabilities to cyberthreats. To fulfill the promise of private enterprise 5G, packet-level visibility and observability are foundational requirements, particularly when it comes to bolstering security.

In a major step forward for mitigating security threats, Palo Alto Networks, the world’s cybersecurity leader, has partnered with NETSCOUT to provide pervasive, packet-level network visibility. When NETSCOUT-enabled packet-level Smart Data is combined at scale with Palo Alto Networks’ 5G security, security teams gain deep visibility, allowing them to make more intelligent and highly effective policy decisions.

“5G networks can potentially transform the world as we know it, but given their complexity, enterprises need help,” explains Bruce Kelley, CTO and senior vice president at NETSCOUT. “Ensuring end-through-end service visibility is critical to assuring an exceptional customer experience and monetizing device and end-user behavior. NETSCOUT has expansive visibility across the world’s largest IP networks. We help enterprises combat cyberthreats through our pervasive, packet-level network visibility at scale and our open data model. This Visibility Without Borders is exactly what we provide through our integrations with Palo Alto Networks, and we look forward to extending them to include 5G."

Palo Alto Networks and NETSCOUT have formed a dynamic duo to provide next-gen cybersecurity, which is absolutely essential as enterprises embrace private 5G on their digital transformation journey.

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