Cash In On Quality Retail Banking Services with NETSCOUT’s Service Assurance Solutions

There’s no denying that the IT world as we know it is changing every day. This means the solutions you rely on to ensure that your services and applications are reliable must be able to adapt with your ever-changing environment. When it comes to ensuring that your banking services achieve peak performance, NETSCOUT is the only choice.

Digital Transformation Challenges in Retail Banking Jeopardize Customer Confidence & Loyalty

Digital Transformation Challenges in Retail Banking

For retail banking, digital transformation is both a blessing and a curse. Modern retail banking IT is under tremendous pressure to minimize expensive, customer-impacting service outages of critical banking services.  Service disruptions to online banking applications, teller apps, and all other key services threaten to erode customer confidence and loyalty. The business is literally on the line.

The ability to constantly and accurately surveil activity across IT systems and services, and then identify vulnerabilities is a daunting challenge, but a necessary one in order to maintain a quality customer experience for anyone using bank services.  The need to ensure secure availability of customer banking services is one of the most critical objectives for both regional bank organizations and larger investment firms.  In retail banking, competition to gain and retain customers is driving investment in mobile banking, mobile applications, virtual tellers, data protection, and remote services. The reliability of these services is key to success. Adding to the challenge banks face is the pressure to cut fees and comply with new regulations. IT organizations must also contend with challenges from acquisitions and mergers that require data consolidation and integration to ensure newly acquired customers receive as good or better service with their new bank.

Service Assurance in Banking Environments Makes Dollars and Sense

Simply put - customers expect online banking applications, teller applications at branch offices, treasury services, mortgages and other client services to be safe, available, and swift.  Service disruptions and bottlenecks of any kind are completely unacceptable.   Retail banks need the ability to intelligently extract the most meaningful metrics from their network environments for monitoring and analysis to avoid adverse impact to these applications and services.  In the absence of intelligent and continuous monitoring, slowdowns and outages at the bank can very quickly erode customer confidence in their banking transactions and thus harm loyalty and revenue. 

Driven by customer expectations in retail banking, the requirement for “always on” has now become an absolute imperative.  Maintaining high-speed transaction processing throughout also drives IT programs and expectations.  As digital transformation brings about promising new services, IT success will require innovative service assurance technology that delivers real-time, actionable, traffic-based intelligence, enabling banks to improve overall service quality and meet compliance requirements as well. 

NETSCOUT software solutions and hardware independent architecture is designed to operate in your environment of choice.

Whether you operate physical appliances to monitor traditional workloads or measure the performance of virtualized systems, NETSCOUT software solutions and hardware independent architecture is designed to operate in your environment of choice. We support physical systems, virtual systems, commercial off the shelf (COTS) implementations, as well as private, public and Hybrid Cloud.

NETSCOUT knows the only effective way to monitor your complex and geographically dispersed systems, which often rely on different architectures and technologies, is by focusing on the packet. Our service assurance solutions and unique technology leverage sophisticated traffic-based technology to provide retail banking IT organizations a holistic view into application performance. This deep level of granularity, made actionable with advanced metrics and intuitive dash boarding, facilitates the rapid triage of availability and performance-related issues. NETSCOUT drives efficiency and productivity initiatives to assure that all bank products and services are predictably and consistently available to bank customers, be it over wired or wireless environments. Uniquely leveraging wire data, NETSCOUT’s patented technology can quickly assess complex delivery problems related to business services, such as e-banking initiatives, back-end accounting systems, investment services, and branch automation systems. 

We empower IT success


The ability to gain actionable visibility into end-to-end system behavior and infrastructures in modern banking provides IT with tremendous insight for speed-to-value.  IP-intelligence exposed by NETSCOUT can bridge the gap across areas of the business, including branch offices, ATMs, Cloud services, and the global WAN.  Continuous monitoring can also reduce overall IT costs of supporting, managing and maintaining highly available, high-performance application services. 

NETSCOUT’s service assurance solutions deliver logical workflows, session analysis and service level analysis of data center and Cloud-based services, which  also accelerate the deployment success of application upgrades and roll-outs.  When it comes to retail banking, we help you protect mission critical resources AND conduct digital transformation programs for a customer-centric delivery model. We empower IT success.

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Financial Company Improves User Experience While Planning Digital Transformation

Financial organization was faced with problems impacting the business, challenged to support a suddenly remote workforce, while simultaneously planning and innovating for the future. NETSCOUT solutions help protect and improve their end-user experience and set the stage for future upgrades.

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Consolidating Financial Data Center Operations With NETSCOUT

Assuring Business Continuity in Transformed Data Center, ACI, VDI, and Mobile Application Environments With NETSCOUT

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Leading Financial Assures Remote Banking Operations for Customers

Citrix VDI Application and VPN Business Continuity Monitoring with NETSCOUT

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Leading U.S. Bank Assures User Experience and VPN Performance During Critical Times

With NETSCOUT Visibility Into Performance of Essential Financial Activity by Clients and Remote Employees

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Digital Bank Achieves User‑Experience Goals

This digital banking and services company uses nGeniusPULSE to ensure quality user experience and save time troubleshooting issues when they do occur. Examples include improving Webex experience, reduced MTTR, and pro-active 3^rd^ party SLA monitoring.

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Assuring Voice Performance Amid UC Technology and Service Delivery Transformations

Leading Bank Enhances Remote Voice Service Reliability, Accessibility With NETSCOUT

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South American Financial Manages Data Center Transformation With Improved Network Visibility

Leveraging NETSCOUT Improves Service Delivery, Eases National Banking Regulatory Compliance

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European Bank Gains Visibility to Ensure Voice and Data Performance

nGeniusONE Provides Service Assurance for Safe, Responsive Voice and Data Applications

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APAC Bank Improves Business Service Delivery By Cutting NetOps Troubleshooting By 50%

Reduces Monitoring Tool Costs By 70% With NETSCOUT

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Managing Financial Services Business Delivery with Software-Based Smart Visibility

IT Buy-in of NETSCOUT Service Assurance Approach Enhances ROI, Standardizes Real-time Monitoring of Client and User Platforms

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NETSCOUT Helps North American Financial Services Institution Transform Technology and Customer Experience

nGeniusONE Powers Performance Management Visibility of Hybrid Cloud Environment

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Large Financial Services Company Assures Accurate Processing of Online Payments with NETSCOUT

Protect service level agreements and mitigate business risk.

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Institutional Investment Bank Assures Customer Experience with Online Banking Services

Application Service Assurance and Performance with NETSCOUT Solutions

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National Joint-Stock Commercial Bank Improved Business Service Availability with nGeniusONE

Protect User Experience and Secure the Network with NETSCOUT

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Chinese Consumer Finance Company Protects End User Experience with nGeniusONE

Smart Data and Smarter Analytics Speed up Root Cause Analysis and Reduce MTTR

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Financial Services Leader Improves Business Delivery with NETSCOUT Visibility as a Service Program

Extends Return on Investment Provided by Installed nGeniusONE Platform

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Global Financial Services Company Improves Application Performance and Reduces Downtime

nGeniusONE Provides Continuous Visibility into Root Cause of Application Performance Issues

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Major European Bank Improves Application Performance with nGeniusONE

nGeniusONE and InfiniStreamNG provide visibility into important banking applications, web services, and critical service enablers.

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Major Latin American Bank Implements Proactive Monitoring, Assures Network Reliability

Bank improves customer experience and business continuity with NETSCOUT's service assurance solutions.

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Bank Safeguards Critical Customer Facing Banking Applications and Services

Future-proof troubleshooting in next-gen data centers with InfiniStreamNG appliances.

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nGeniusONE: Pinpoints Source of Voice Quality Issues in Call Center, Ensuring Better Customer Experience

nGeniusONE provides critical insights into the UC performance problems.

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nGeniusOne: Improves Customer Experience By Identifying Root Cause of Failed Credit Card Transactions

nGeniusONE reduces time to pinpoint root cause of card transaction declines.

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Banco Votorantim of Brazil Relies on NETSCOUT Solutions to Deliver Exceptional Services for Customer Applications

nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform monitors key bank applications allowing IT to improve MTTR.

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European Bank Assures High-Quality Customer Experience with UC Services Using NETSCOUT

nGeniusONE's unique Microsoft Skype monitoring capabilities improve contact center call quality.

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nGeniusPULSE for WAN Bandwidth Measurement

nGeniusPULSE for WAN Bandwidth Measurement

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nGeniusONE Platform for Citrix in Retail Banking

The nGeniusONE Platform provides real-time analysis for visibility into both financial and business applications throughout the network.

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Assuring Omnichannel Services in Contact Centers for Retail Banking Organizations

The nGeniusONE platform assures unified communications and collaboration services in contact centers to support omnichannel strategies in retail banking organizations.

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nGeniusONE Platform for Payment Processing

The nGeniusONE platform delivers visibility into the network, server, and application components which make up the ISO 8583 service and deliver performance analytics to support end-to-end service assurance.

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nGeniusONE Platform for Retail Banking

The nGeniusONE platform assures omnichannel services supporting digital transformation in retail banking as they strive to support customers online. via mobile apps, and in branch banking locations

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