InfiniStreamNG Appliances for Enterprise

NETSCOUT's next-generation InfiniStreamNG (ISNG) software and hardware appliances with Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology convert high-value network packets to smart data in real time to deliver accurate and actionable insights for service assurance and cybersecurity applications.

Drive digital transformation with business intelligence

Digital transformation powered by detailed network and service data is required to cost-effectively manage the next phase of your business. NETSCOUT provides the real-time, actionable insights you need to ensure the flawless and agile delivery of new and existing digital services. The ISNG software and hardware appliances use our patented ASI technology to intelligently and efficiently analyze packet and flow data for a contextual view of service, network and application performance.

Simplify Business Analytics

NETSCOUT ISNG technology provides one solution that enables real-time and historical forensic analysis powered by detailed IP data. The ISNG technology allows you to consolidate multiple specialized analytics tools and feeds a common set of smart data to a wide range of analytics stacks for insights into service assurance, application performance management, and cybersecurity. ISNG software and hardware appliances can be deployed in tandem for seamless analysis across the entire network, making it easier and more cost-effective to monitor and gather intelligence from multiple sources, with no disruption to business processes.

Complete Network Visibility

Our ISNG technology presents real-time views of both the user and control planes with end-to-end visibility across physical and virtual network environments. Strategically deploying ISNG appliance models throughout your entire network offers a complete, seamless view and enables you to monitor and gather IP data from network domains that were previously cost-prohibitive.

Flexible deployment options that scale

NETSCOUT provides organizations with the flexibility to deploy ISNG software and hardware appliances in the manner best-suited to their infrastructure and visibility requirements. In solving scalability and monitoring needs of very large environments, multiple ISNG software and hardware appliances can be deployed to provide virtually unlimited scalability. Since processing and capacity needs differ, NETSCOUT offers several ISNG models with varying storage capacities and some that can be expanded with Extended Storage Units (ESUs)

With ASI also serving as a common data source for NETSCOUT’s vSTREAM family of appliances for cloud and virtual environments, ISNG software and hardware appliances can be deployed in tandem with vSTREAM to provide smart data to fuel the smarter analytics generated by the NETSCOUT nGeniusONE platform.

ISNG appliance options include:

  • InfiniStreamNG 9700 and 9800 – Support 10 Gigabit, 40 Gigabit, and 100 Gigabit networks. Designed for high-bandwidth applications and server virtualization within the data center and service provider environments. Extended storage capacity options available.

  • InfiniStreamNG 4700 and 4800 – Support 10 Gigabit networks and meet the monitoring requirements for service aggregation points, such as in the data center. Extended storage capacity options available.

  • InfiniStreamNG 2600 and 6600 – With a storage capacity of 48 TB, ISNG 6600 hardware and software appliance options are ideal for 1/10 Gigabit monitoring requirements at the network edge, including branch offices and department network segments. The ISNG 2600 software and hardware appliances provide storage capacity of 16 TB, and they are designed for deployment in branch offices and department network segments.

  • InfiniStreamNG 1400 and 2400 – Support 1 Gigabit networks and meet the smaller-capacity monitoring requirements at the edge of the network.


Products you can Trust

NETSCOUT’s time-proven solutions unlock the power of IP traffic data to support the world’s largest and most-demanding networks. Let us show you how ISNG appliances with ASI technology provide real-time, actionable intelligence for end-to-end service assurance, performance management, and post-event forensic analysis.

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Smart Data and Smarter Analytics Speed up Root Cause Analysis and Reduce MTTR

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Agency Saves Time and Money with Holistic nGeniusONE Solution

This Federal government agency depends on tens of thousands of employees across more than twenty locations throughout the US, for which their IT group supplies a national infrastructure and business line technology services to operate.

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InfiniStreamNG Appliance

​NETSCOUT InfiniStreamNG appliances provide a pervasive smart data source for NETSCOUT network, application, UC, business, and cybersecurity analytics. Our software and hardware appliance options enable enterprises to deploy ISNG solution in the manner best-suited to their specific infrastructure and visibility requirements.

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NETSCOUT Certified InfiniStreamNG Software Appliance

The Certified ISNG software appliance solution factors deployment of a customer-provided hardware platform certified to support ISNG software. Certified ISNG software appliances offer 100% performance parity with NETSCOUT’s purpose-built ISNG hardware appliances.

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InfiniStreamNG Hardware Appliance

NETSCOUT provides organizations with the flexibility to deploy ISNG hardware appliances in the manner best-suited to their infrastructure and visibility requirements. Manufactured by NETSCOUT, our purpose-built ISNG hardware appliances offer "tuned" configurations that bring deployment, administration, and maintenance efficiencies to IT teams.

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Enterprise InfiniStreamNG Appliance

​NETSCOUT InfiniStreamNG software and hardware appliance options are designed for deployment in any environment, ranging from the network edge, small remote facilities, satellite offices, and disaster recovery locations, onto the data center core.

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