In today's digital world, enterprise organizations turn to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to meet users' demands for a fast, seamless, and secure digital experience. As enterprises continuously migrate workloads from their on-prem datacenters to GCP their service delivery architecture becomes more geographically distributed, agile and complex, which created the following challenges:

  • Visibility blind spots across geographically dispersed infrastructure across on-prem, in colos and in GCP.
  • Limited ability to analyze large of volumes of data traffic traversing inter VPC between microservices which are used for refactoring existing and developing new applications.
  • Multitude of disparate management tools offer domain specific insight into networks, applications, databases and enablers, while missing the service level intelligence across all domains and their dependencies.

To minimize risk and control costs that come with these changes, and to enable enterprises to innovate with confidence, NETSCOUT offers continuous hybrid cloud monitoring and advanced security solutions by delivering Visibility Without Borders and actionable intelligence to the different IT stakeholders that need it.

This level of visibility is achieved with NETSCOUT Smart Data based on deep inspection of packet data that is traversing the hybrid cloud infrastructure. The introduction of Google Cloud packet mirroring functionality extends NETSCOUT packet capturing capabilities in GCP’s inter VPC environments used for delivering Visibility Without Borders together with comprehensive service performance and security assurance in GCP and hybrid cloud environments.

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