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Application Performance Management for Google Cloud

Visibility Without Borders Starts With NETSCOUT Smart Data Solutions for Hybrid Cloud Monitoring

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In today’s digital world, enterprise organizations turn to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to meet users’ demands for a fast, seamless, and secure digital experience. Google Cloud Platform uses secure storage, powerful compute, and integrated data analytics to support a new breed of distributed, connected applications, helping businesses cut time to market and improve customer satisfaction.

To reap the full benefits of the Google Cloud Platform in a hybrid cloud world, companies need to optimize application performance and security. Existing tools can’t fill the huge monitoring gap as they are domain specific and unable to deliver seamless, uniform visibility and common situational awareness among the different IT teams. What’s more, these tools generate loads of uncorrelated data that obscure and bury performance and security insights that are needed to compete at a breakneck pace.

Enterprises running application workloads through hybrid cloud environments, including Google Cloud Platform, need visibility that does not begin and end at each physical boundary – in short, Visibility Without Borders. NETSCOUT® solutions deliver actionable visibility to mitigate service performance issues, threats, and vulnerabilities. NETSCOUT has tools and technologies that make it possible to reduce Mean Time to Knowledge (MTTK), increase Continuous Delivery/ Continuous Integration (CD/CI) velocity, and control service performance and security in IT infrastructures comprised of data centers, co-locations, and clouds.