Communications Service Providers’ Guide to ENGAGE 2023

NETSCOUT’s annual technology and user summit in October offers real ROI for CSPs.

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You may already know that users of NETSCOUT’s service assurance, visibility, and security solutions meet every year at some halcyon location to learn from experts, connect with their NETSCOUT team and industry pros, and enjoy meaningful peer-to-peer networking and discussions.

What you may not know is that this conference is free for our customers. That’s right: All the keynotes, technology sessions, certification workshops, and meals cost you nothing. Nada. Bupkes. Gratis. Free means free.  And this year our ENGAGE agenda has some of the most robust programming for communications service providers (CSPs) we’ve ever offered.

Seriously, you want to check this out.

Tap into Innovation

CSP attendees have a slew of options at our demo pavilion. If you’ve got questions about our products or solutions, our experts have answers. Honestly, they want to talk to you. I can tell you—from experience—that working a booth is dull without visitors. So come on over and bring your inquiries! No question is too challenging.

Are you thinking, “Don’t tell me; show me”? We’ve got you covered! You’ll be able to get your eyes (and hands) on the following demos:

  • 4G, 5G, Cable, and Cloud Service Assurance
  • Business Analytics with Automation
  • Radio Access Network (RAN) Performance, Optimization and Planning
  • Adaptive DDoS Protection for Service Providers
  • Advanced Network Traffic Reporting for Service Providers

Get Training and Certifications

Naturally, we have courses for everyone, but I’m talking to my people: the folks representing CSPs, mobile network operators, cable, and multiple system operators (MSOs). If you want to learn a bit more about the NETSCOUT products you’re already using—or are considering using—you will want to check out our hands-on workshops.

If your interests and talents lie in the core network area, attend the following workshops to receive 4G/5G Core Certification:

  • Service Triage with nGeniusONE for Service Providers
  • Service Provider Workflow Essentials for nGeniusONE
  • Moving to nGenius Session Analyzer (nSA) and Getting Started

Spend more of your time tuning and troubleshooting your provider’s RAN. You’ll want to attend these 4G/5G RAN Certification workshops:

  • TrueCall Basics for New Users
  • nGenius Business Analytics for Communications Service Providers
  • Moving to nGenius Session Analyzer (nSA) and Getting Started

Get Smart(er) with More Than 60 Keynotes and Technology Sessions

Obviously, we’re not going to make you do all the work! We’ve got a spectacular lineup of speakers and breakout sessions—including Senza Fili Founder and President Monica Paolini, Ph.D., who will host the CSP-centric “5G Luminaries—Moving to 5G Standalone” panel. The following is just a sampling of what else you can attend. No, really. You’ll have more than 60 events to choose from, including:

  • NETSCOUT Service Assurance CTO Update
  • Service Assurance Innovations & Roadmap
  • 5G Luminaries—Moving to 5G Standalone
  • Journey to the Edge: Mobile and Cable Operators Overcoming Complexity with Smart Visibility
  • When You Don’t Know the Questions in Advance—Getting Answers Fast Matters: Exploring Your Smart Data
  • Moving to 5G Standalone: Facing the Network Cloudification Challenge
  • Know What Your Subscribers Are Doing by Enabling Network Personalization
  • Hear from Your Peers: Must Have KPIs for the Cable Network
  • The RAN Evolution Is Here & Your Customers Are Counting on You to Get It Right
  • The Real World of 4G and 5G RAN
  • Advanced RAN Analytics: Making Your RAN the Best RAN
  • Stay Ahead of Growing Cyberthreats: Keeping the Network Safe with NEW MobileStream
  • Overcoming Network Cloudification Challenges: Instrumentation for a Hybrid Telco World
  • Poor Service Quality Is Not Optional—Automating Your Service Assurance with AI/ML
  • Latest in Subscriber Troubleshooting in Fixed and Mobile Networks

Check them all out here.

Connect with Peers and Experts

You’re going to work hard all day at this summit, no doubt about it. In the evening you want to schmooze, booze, and golf. Just joking! It’s not just golf and booze: There’s go-cart driving, racing simulators, laser tag, bowling, virtual reality games, 7D motion theater, and more to keep you entertained. Special note to all my lady friends: There is a Women in Technology luncheon, and I highly recommend you attend. If you’ve been to even one industry event, you know how nice it is to connect with other women in the telecom space.

Justify Your Attendance

I can hear you now, “Help! My boss is a cheapskate, I’ll never get to go!” I mean, “What’s some solid justification I can use to get my boss to sign off on this invaluable educational opportunity?” Of course, that’s what I meant. You knew that, right?

We’ve got you covered with a customizable template you can use at your organization to get yourself to ENGAGE. Use it as your starting point: It covers all the value you’ll be adding once you’ve attended and outlines the ROI your employer will get by investing in you.

How Else Can We Help You?

We have an FAQ site all about ENGAGE, but if you have any questions that aren’t answered there, you are welcome to contact us at And, of course, we cordially invite you to register now
This year’s ENGAGE is October 2 – 5, in Orlando, Florida.

We very much hope to see you there!

Register now.