Netscout Technology & User Summit

Hands-on Workshops

Our hands-on workshops, led by NETSCOUT University experts, offer in-depth technical training via fast-paced boot camps focusing on new features, incident triage, and instructor-led find-and-fix use cases. By completing these workshops, you can return to the office with vital new skills that will add immediate value to your company and help maximize the investment in NETSCOUT solutions.

Workshops require pre-registration via the agenda-builder (launches July 2023). Workshops range from 2-4 hours each and require that you bring your own laptop (BYOD). Complete three individual workshops to earn a conference certification.



Core Sessions

  • nGeniusONE Enterprise Essentials
  • Omnis Cyber Intelligence Essentials
  • PFOS Essentials on the nGenius 5000 Series Switch
  • Fabric Manager Essentials to Manage your nGenius 5000 Series Switches
  • nGeniusPULSE Essentials

Advanced Sessions

  • nGeniusONE Administration and Setup
  • Problem Solving TCP/IP using nGeniusONE
  • Advanced Problem Solving Situation Room
  • Advanced PFOS Using Inline and Tool Chains


  • Omnis Insight & OTT Visibility
  • Omnis Sentinel
  • Defending Your Network w/AED - Prepare Your Defenses
  • Defending Your Network w/AED - Seeing & Thwarting Attacks
  • AED for Omnis IDS
  • Sightline for Network Visibility
  • Defending Your Network w/Sightline-TMS - Establishing Your Vantage Points
  • Defending Your Network w/Sightline-TMS - Detect/Alert/Mitigate
  • Network Protection w/Omnis TMS
  • Defending Your Network w/Sightline-TMS - Adv. Traffic Analysis & Mitigations

Communications Service Providers

  • nGeniusONE Service Provider Essentials
  • Service Triage with nGeniusONE for Service Providers
  • TrueCall Essentials for New Users
  • Moving to nGenius Session Analyzer (nSA) and Getting Started
  • nGenius Business Analytics for Communications Service Providers

Be an early bird!

Register by May 31st and get early access to the agenda builder when it launches in July.

Justify your attendance

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