We collect, correlate, organize, and analyze traffic data from all corners of your environment.



Commercial-grade products that deliver commercial-grade results. Our time-tested technology operates at the highest level in the most demanding environments.


Converged network and application performance management

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InfiniStream Platforms

Enabling pervasive visibility for all applications and services that flow across an IP network for real-time and historical analysis.

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UC Performance Management

Managing voice and video within a unified service delivery management framework to address the challenges of delivering real-time unified communications.

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Monitoring Switches and TAPs

Simplifying and streamlining the network monitoring architecture, while enhancing pervasive visibility strategies.

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Analysis Modules

Collecting and viewing evidence through high-fidelity reconstruction of captured network traffic, including email, social media, chat, Web, voice, and video.

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Test Optimization

Improve the efficiency, speed, and performance of your test lab to be prepared to meet today's requirements, as well as those in the future.

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