nGenius 6000 Series Packet Flow Switches

Massive Scale, Hardware-accelerated Performance

When less becomes more.

As the number and capacity of your network monitoring systems increases, your need for targeted network traffic access increases as well. High-scale and non-blocking architecture enable you to consolidate the monitoring fabric into fewer packet flow switches with seamless any-port-to-any-port connectivity and session-based traffic forwarding to the monitoring systems with port speeds of 1/10/40/100 GbE.

If you can see it, you can fix it.

Component failure is an ever-present concern. nGenius 6000 Packet Flow Switches (PFS) enable you to monitor network systems across hundreds and thousands of ports in order to effectively manage complex and high-traffic volume environments.

PFS 6010

Intelligent, modular, large-scale network monitoring switch.

nGenius 6000 series provides targeted network traffic access to an increasing number of monitoring systems, including the nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform, as well as other monitoring and security systems. The nGenius 6010 model provides the massive density and capacity for 1/10/40/100 GbE traffic with all-inclusive feature functionality and best-in-class packet conditioning. The nGenius 6002 model provides the same capabilities in a smaller form factor. Both models deliver non-blocking, hardware-accelerated performance for the most demanding applications.

nGenius 6000 series packet flow switch helps you:
  • Reduce undesirable bandwidth bottlenecks
  • Reduce packet drops due to aggregation and interface/speed conversion
  • Simplify and grow your monitoring architecture
  • Ease manageability and provisioning

Products you can trust.

NETSCOUT provides time proven solutions that unlock the power of traffic-based data to efficiently deliver specific network traffic access to the appropriate monitoring systems in the world’s largest and most demanding networks. Let us show you how nGenius 6000 series packet flow switch enables you to deliver complete IT visibility in a cost-effective manner.

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U.S. Agency Improves Network Agility and Further Secures R&D Environment with NETSCOUT PFS Technology

Innovative Solution Meets Cost-Containment Guidelines, Supports Network Transition to 100G Speeds

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nGenius 6002 Packet Flow Switch

A Packet Flow Switch Data Sheet with Hardware-accelerated Performance and All‑Inclusive Features

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nGenius 6010 Packet Flow Switch

A Packet Flow Switch Offering Massive Scale and Hardware-accelerated Performance

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nGenius 6000 Series Packet Flow Switch

The nGenius 6000 series packet flow switch (PFS) is a massively scalable blade & chassis packet flow switch.

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nGenius Packet Flow Switch Family Traffic Aggregation

The nGenius packet flow switch family is built to match the scale of the underlying network today and for years to come.

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nGenius Packet Flow Switch Family Interface Conversion

The nGenius packet flow switch family provides intelligent control and distribution of IP traffic from the network layer to the monitoring layer in a way that removes issues caused by connectivity mismatches.

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nGenius Packet Flow Switch Family Traffic Distribution

Using the nGenius packet flow switch family, IT organizations can distribute traffic from critical network visibility points to multiple monitoring tools to efficiently share rich packet-flow data.

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