Organizations around the globe are instituting new work/learn-from-home policies on a massive scale. Now, more than ever, critical infrastructure such as internet circuits, routers, VPN gateways, and firewalls must remain available to ensure remote access to internal resources and services. The impact of unavailable or poor performing infrastructure includes lost productivity, decreased revenue and profits, and insecure environments now vulnerable to all types of cyber threats.

DDoS attacks pose a significant threat to the availability of this critical infrastructure and services.

Internet Circuits
Remote users need these circuits to access internal network information and services. Due to the increased utilization of these circuits from legitimate remote users, even a small sized DDoS attack can impact the performance and availability of these circuits.

VPN Gateways/Firewalls
These devices, whether they be in the same box or separate, are used to secure the access for remote users. These devices are stateful and are susceptible to DDoS attacks; more specifically, TCP State Exhaustion attacks. Protect Your VPN

Application Servers
Services that reside inside the corporate network must be available for remote users to be productive. Application-layer attacks target these business-critical applications where they slowly exhaust resources. Once these resources are gone, the application goes down.

Arbor Smart DDoS Protection Enables Remote/Home Users Access to Corporate Resources
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