Suitcase Ready? Before You Pack It, Check Your Packets.

People walking with suitcases on phones in airport terminal

Using fitness trackers to “meet move goals” has become a satisfying daily routine for active individuals—but no one wants to get their steps in by running frantically around an airport.

This recently has become a reality in Europe, where airports across the continent have been facing operational mayhem. A traveler trying to return home from Amsterdam claimed he looked at his step count and found “…at least 2 to 3 kilometers” recorded as he dealt with cancellations, long lines, and lost baggage.

Flights Cancelled Due To “Poor Visibility”

2023 already has seen one of Europe’s biggest airlines, Lufthansa, suffer an outage that resulted in flight delays and cancellations. The negative impact of this system outage resulted in a 1.2 percent decrease in Lufthansa’s shares.

Still, popular travel websites such as Kayak recently reported that searches for travel to Europe this summer are up 77 percent from last year. Pent-up demand for international travel has been coined as “revenge travel,” with people racing to book their long-desired trips now that COVID-19-related restrictions have eased. In addition, the hybrid workforce continues to make the most of flexible work schedules, taking advantage of new long-haul routes offered by major airlines.

In anticipation of this influx in European travel, it is important that airports and airlines plan ahead and increase network and application visibility in their environments. Outages can have disastrous effects, resulting in not only passenger frustration, operational issues, and negative financial implications but also in damaging news headlines affecting the reputation of airports and airlines. Furthermore, competition is fierce in the aviation industry, leaving minimal room for error before losing the trust of a frequent flier.

Deep-Packet Inspection Clears the Runway for Takeoff

NETSCOUT nGenius Enterprise Performance Management provides the scalable deep-packet inspection needed to support masses of data throughout the aviation networking ecosystem. By continuously monitoring application performance for critical services such as ticketing, scheduling, flight manifests, and baggage claims, NETSCOUT solutions can swiftly pinpoint issues, identify true root cause of degradations, and reduce mean time to repair (MTTR) before network and application disruptions can cause a negative ripple effect.

By proactively preventing performance issues, airports can provide a more positive travel experience to customers. This may allow them to offer more flight services (as staffing permits) and increase travel promotions to consumers. More full flights mean more vacation packages, checked bags, and refreshments purchased, providing airlines and airport vendors with increased revenue from travelers.

Using Smart Data and powered by patented Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) technology, NETSCOUT’s performance management solutions empower network operations teams to troubleshoot and triage effectively, knowing with confidence that their airports and airlines are being continuously observed.

Learn more about how nGenius Enterprise Performance Management provides end-through-end visibility for the aviation industry.