NETSCOUT RAN Analytics: Carrier Aggregation Without the Aggravation

Smart Data is the key to unlocking your 5G network’s full potential.

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As you know, modern mobile subscribers demand more—more bandwidth, more mobility, and more satisfaction.

To meet these expectations, service providers are spending aggressively on new spectrum licenses and employing carrier aggregation techniques to maximize data rates per user, increase the overall bandwidth available, and deliver on the promises of high-speed LTE and 5G services.

NETSCOUT’s new RAN Analytics for Carrier Aggregation solution accelerates and maximizes returns on the investments you’ve made in the network, ensuring the success of applied technologies for healthy and sustainable revenue streams. Our Smart Data provides unique insights into carrier aggregation patterns that allow you to achieve superior performance and provide outstanding quality of experience (QoS) for your subscribers in high-speed LTE and 5G deployments.

Carrier aggregation helps mobile operators make the most of their spectrum, even while evolving their networks from 4G to 5G with:

  • Increased Data Speeds: Combine multiple frequency bands or carriers to increase the overall data speeds available to users.
  • Improved Network Capacity: Distribute your network load more effectively.
  • Optimized Spectrum Efficiency: Make the most of allocated spectrum by aggregating carriers and efficiently using different frequency bands. By combining carriers, you can meet the increased data demands of your subscribers with robust and consistent signals.

The NETSCOUT RAN Analytics solution combines Smart Data with purpose-built applications to address your specific network priorities while working seamlessly with existing NETSCOUT troubleshooting tools and 5G service provider solutions for a lower total cost of ownership.  RAN Analytics also offers single-pane views for added productivity and operational efficiencies. We know you’re concerned with ROI, so RAN Analytics for Carrier Aggregation solution is vendor-agnostic, 3GPP-compliant, and highly scalable. Additionally, you can easily export your data to Open RAN automation systems, data lakes, and other third parties using a robust, industry-standard interface.  

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