Modern mobile subscribers demand more—more bandwidth, more mobility, and more satisfaction. To meet these expectations, service providers are spending aggressively on new spectrum licenses and employing Carrier Aggregation (CA) techniques to maximize data rates per user, increase the overall bandwidth available, and deliver on the promises of high-speed LTE and 5G services.

But how do you know if your Carrier Aggregation implementation is performing to plan?

In this session, our experts will take a closer look at the mechanics behind Carrier Aggregation techniques as we examine the common barriers to success.

  • Diversity of UE Modems with Hundreds of Possible Band Capabilities
  • Siloed Views of Band Combination Utilization and Performance
  • Expensive and Time-consuming Call-by-call Troubleshooting Workflows
  • Complexity of Massive LTE and 5G Cell Deployments

Together we’ll build a compelling case for improving band combination performance and leveraging usage visibility with NETSCOUT’s RAN analytics solution. 

Join us October 11, 2023 and discover how improving Carrier Aggregation visibility will help you to deliver “more” to your subscribers and accelerate the return on your spectrum investments.

Guest Panelist

AVP Product Management

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