Maximizing Digital Transformation Performance in the Ever-Changing IT Landscape

How to leverage NETSCOUT instrumentation for unparalleled network visibility


NETSCOUT Senior Director Jason Chaffee recently joined AVP of Global Services Operations Steve Sviontek on our “NO LATENCY” podcast to discuss the importance of visibility in digital transformations for enterprises of all sizes. Chaffee is a 10-year NETSCOUT veteran who initially worked as a product manager for the nGeniusPULSE product, NETSCOUT’s synthetic testing solution. He now runs the enterprise performance management product marketing team.

Beyond the Buzzwords

“Digital transformation” is a popular buzz phrase in today’s performance management landscape. This shift to off-site data solutions has been occurring for at least 10 years, per Chaffee, but has really gained steam in the past 4 years, expedited by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many companies are undertaking digital transformation for the right reasons: cost efficiencies, innovation, and gaining a competitive edge. Maintaining on-premises data solutions can be costly, so leveraging the cloud, co-los, or data centers can be a cost-effective method for relocating applications and other key assets because it requires less infrastructure management.

With this transition comes great challenges, however. One such challenge is loss of control and visibility. Having your information stored and running off-site, Chaffee points out, can lead to additional visibility gaps. This is especially true if that information is located in multiple areas, which might include co-los, multiple clouds, and various data centers, where a lack of instrumentation can lead enterprises to have blind spots that need to be lit up. Also, applications often hit these multiple areas, and visibility throughout this journey is paramount to ensure peak user experience and performance management. This often is made even more complex when supporting a hybrid workforce, where workers may be at home one week, in a corporate office the next, and then in a hotel or remote site the following week.

The NETSCOUT Visibility Without Borders platform allows customers to see the journey across clouds, co-los, data centers, and even in unified-communications-and-collaboration (UC&C) and unified-communications-as-a-service (UCaaS) platforms (such as WebEx, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams) to pinpoint problem areas and expedite triage and resolution of performance and user experience issues. The platform instrumentation NETSCOUT offers allows users to easily see applications across domains, whereas siloed point solutions rely on the user to stitch this data together to identify the problem area and the journey taken to get there. This end-through-end visibility helps reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) by simplifying the compilation of information and streamlining the resolution process.

Instrumentation Is the Core of NETSCOUT Digital Transformation Solutions

NETSCOUT’s solution all starts with the instrumentation, Chaffee emphasizes. By using the InfiniStreamNG (ISNG) and vSTREAM products, combined with nGeniusONE, enterprises can see the entire journey of applications and areas people are working to solve problems faster. The platform does this via deep packet inspection at any scale to boil up performance issues and user experience data that helps network teams approach the challenge with actionable intelligence. It can be scaled to networks of any size, no matter how complex. On top of that, it is applicable anywhere, including medical facilities, retail stores, educational institutions, and government environments.

The other key benefit of this platform approach is that it is fully customized to meet the customer’s needs—there is no one-size-fits-all approach. The solution can include performance management, cybersecurity, and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) protection, all with the same core instrumentation and source of data, Chaffe points out. This helps reduce total costs while improving operational efficiencies and collaboration by using a common dataset.

NO LATENCY Podcast Series: Digital Transformation Performance in the Ever-Changing IT Landscape

NO LATENCY Podcast Series: Digital Transformation Performance in the Ever-Changing IT Landscape

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