BREAKING NEWS: Better and Faster Is Preferred When It Comes to Solving IT Issues

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Slow and steady may win some very long races (and work just fine for turtles), but when IT service tickets are overwhelming tier/level one, two, three, and even four IT support professionals, speedy resolution is the only path to survival and victory.
Operational complexity slows down companies and organizations of all sizes, often doing the most damage to the larger companies, no matter how modern their methods, processes, and workflows are for their industry. ServiceNow helps connect people, functions, and systems across organizations with digital IT workflows so that they can find smarter, faster, better ways to work. NETSCOUT assures digital business services against disruptions in availability, performance, and security and is laser focused on ensuring the connected world runs safely and smoothly.
ServiceNow and NETSCOUT—Better Together
ServiceNow and NETSCOUT have integrated their technology by leveraging synergies between complementary datasets of ServiceNow IT Operations Management (ITOM) and Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and NETSCOUT Smart Data, produced by Scalable Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) to speed problem identification and trouble-ticket handling. Alerts received by ITOM from a variety of sources, including NETSCOUT and third-party platforms, can be investigated in NETSCOUT nGeniusONE with contextual launches from ITOM. Now, with the seamlessly integrated nGeniusONE and ServiceNow, professionals can pinpoint the root cause of service issues with just three clicks of a mouse. By using both platforms, joint ServiceNow and NETSCOUT customers can achieve smarter outcomes with new levels of operational efficiency, enhanced operational intelligence for IT, and reduced mean time to resolution (MTTR) of IT service issues—at no additional cost.
For example, joint ServiceNow and NETSCOUT customers can have enriched alerts with service triage information sent to ITOM management for even better, faster IT problem solving. In other words, ITOM log and agent data gets enhanced with Smart Data derived from deep packet inspection of each packet in real time, for actionable intelligence that rapidly accelerates problem resolution.
Having this type of knowledge that is derived from the single source of truth exponentially accelerates mean time to knowledge (MTTK) of root-cause determination. This common data becomes the intelligence that can be shared across teams to improve the operational efficiency of IT support groups—the true essence of the ServiceNow mission. Part of the reason for this vertical leap of efficiency and speed is due to the seamless workflow from NETSCOUT to ITOM and back to NETSCOUT.
Good News Now, More Good News to Come
Additional good news for joint ServiceNow and NETSCOUT customers is that along with speedier resolution capabilities, the integrated solution also provides greater depth and understanding in complex cloud and multicloud environments and helps IT distinguish between issues much more rapidly. Joint customers will also benefit from future integrations and plans, including a new app that uses RESTful APIs to align and map alarms to ITOM and more inclusion of critical SecOps workflows.
NETSCOUT Director of Marketing John English and AVP for Strategic Marketing Michael Segal led a great discussion about NETSCOUT’s integration with ServiceNow’s ITOM in “Leveraging ServiceNow & NETSCOUT Integration to Solve Problems Faster” as part of our Problem Solvers Series. They shed light on current technology integrations between the two companies; the unique value and impact to efficiency and effectiveness of IT problem solving those integrations enable; and some future integration ideas for providing continuous visibility into application, network, and service performance. 
Learn more about leveraging NETSCOUT and ServiceNow integrations in our “Leveraging ServiceNow & NETSCOUT Integration to Solve Problems Faster” as part of our Problem Solvers Series.