Achieving a Global Network View—but Keeping It Simple, Too.

6 ways NETSCOUT solutions help global organizations monitor performance

People monitoring all types of applications in a NOC.

Growing global operations while also managing the complexities in IT that arise as business scales has proven to be a consistent top challenge for many organizations—regardless of industry. According to a survey of large enterprises last year, 82 percent of respondents say that the complexity of information technology (IT) is impeding success. The use of a hybrid cloud, which means several different vendors involved in delivering your infrastructure, often results in gaps in network and application management visibility. In other cases, there may be overlaps that muddle data and make it more difficult for IT teams to solve performance-related issues.

With digital transformation projects constantly evolving and so many different tools at a business’s disposal, information overload often leads to prolonged troubleshooting times and finger-pointing between teams. Protracted outages can have a significant negative impact on user experience, customer satisfaction, and the company’s bottom line.

With increased visibility throughout their infrastructure in high-traffic areas, organizations can eliminate blind spots and create a more holistic view of their network and business applications to assure performance and get ahead of issues that could negatively impact user experience quality. NETSCOUT’s nGenius Enterprise Performance Management solution provides leading global organizations with the packet-level information and single-pane-of-glass view needed to continuously monitor performance anywhere in the world.

6 Ways nGenius Enterprise Performance Management Helps Global Organizations
There are many ways nGenius Enterprise Performance Management helps to assure a high-quality user experience. Here are six at the top of the list:

  1. Scalable instrumentation: Instrumentation options that provide cost-effective visibility for remote offices, regional offices, headquarters, and data centers as well as for virtualized environments are essential for an effective visibility strategy. Increasing deep packet inspection at scale throughout the global infrastructure allows organizations to standardize performance knowledge as operations expand and evolve.
  2. Improved accountability: Leveraging a consolidated, vendor-agnostic performance management solution provides IT teams with a single source of truth and helps them avoid spending hours, if not days, searching for the culprit of slowdowns and degradations.
  3. Reduced mean time to repair (MTTR): Improved on-demand troubleshooting processes and the ability to swiftly triage performance issues can significantly reduce MTTR and minimize the negative impact of slowdowns and outages.
  4. Proactive processes: User experience testing, configuring alerting capabilities, and running routine reports to capture trended data are all proactive ways to get ahead of emerging issues and ensure optimal performance throughout the global IT network.
  5. Insight into user experience: Continuous, user-configurable testing, even when users are not active, provides consistent insight into latency and packet loss for Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology, unified communications, and collaboration (UC&C) applications, software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications, business-critical applications, and more.
  6. Maximized employee productivity: With visibility at the client edge to help their IT teams understand and quickly address performance issues, companies are able to minimize frustrations with user experience and ensure seamless connectivity, availability, and reliable performance.

NETSCOUT solutions provide a single-pane-of-glass view to monitor network and application performance from anywhere in the world. Using the power of the packet, IT teams can quickly uncover the root cause of performance issues and address the source to course correct—whether it is in the data center at headquarters, in a colocation site or cloud, at the WAN provider, or originating from a bottleneck at a branch office. For global IT operations, this packet-level insight is critical for standardizing information, streamlining troubleshooting and remediation processes, and assuring reliable user experiences for both employees and customers.

Streamlining technology to maximize efficiency is critical to global leaders in the financial services industry. Learn more about how a leading bank was able to reduce complexity, manage performance, and monitor user experience quality across its global locations with nGenius Enterprise Performance Management solutions.

Learn more about how a leading bank monitored user experience quality across its global locations with nGenius Enterprise Performance Management solutions.