What is Network Tap?

A network tap is a device that allows you to monitor and access data that is transmitted over a network. It is typically used in network security applications to monitor traffic and identify malicious activity or security threats.

There are two main types of network taps: hardware and software. Hardware taps are physical devices installed on the network, usually at a point where data is transmitted between two devices or between a device and a network. They connect the data transmission line and a monitoring device, such as a network analyzer or intrusion detection system.

On the other hand, software taps are virtual devices created using software. They work by intercepting data packets transmitted over the network and forwarding them to a monitoring device.

Both types of network taps are helpful for various applications, including network security, performance monitoring, and troubleshooting. They allow network administrators to monitor and analyze network traffic in real time, which can help them identify and resolve issues, improve network performance, and ensure the security of their networks.