Packet Broker Solutions

Simplify procurement and deployment of NETSCOUT’s advanced packet broker functionality with the nGenius Packet Flow Operating System (PFOS) and PFS Fabric Manager for certified Dell EMC PowerSwitch Series hardware.

NETSCOUT/Dell PFS Integration
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nGenius Packet Flow Operating System on Certified Dell PowerSwitch Hardware

  • Flexible and Powerful Filtering
  • Session-Based/Flow-Aware Load Balancing
  • Selective Packet Aggregation and Replication
  • MPLS and L2GRE Header Stripping
  • L2GRE & VxLAN Tunnel Origination and Termination
  • Tunnel Load Balancing
  • Scalable, Self-Healing Dynamic Meshing
  • Local and Remote Trigger Policies
  • Active Inline Security Features:
  • Tool Chaining, Tool Health Checks (+ & -)
  • LLDP Neighbor Learning
  • Line Rate Features on All Ports

PFS Fabric Manager on Certified Dell PowerEdge Hardware

  • Centralized Management and Configuration of Multiple Packet Flow Switches
  • Drag-n-Drop Flow Mapping / Topologies for Mapping Traffic Flow to Appropriate Tools
  • Centralized Monitoring and Visibility

nGenius Packet Flow eXtender Software Available from NETSCOUT

Complement this OEM Engineered Solutions Offer with advanced features designed to improve on security and monitoring tool capacity and performance.

  • Packet Deduplication
  • NetFlow/IPFIX Generation
  • Header Stripping
  • Packet Slicing
  • Packet Masking

Use Case Support

  • Service Assurance: Efficiently scale and optimize network monitoring and performance management systems.
  • Security Assurance: Complement downstream security tools and policies for active inline and passive monitoring applications.
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