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State IT Manages Network and Application Demands with NETSCOUT

Every year, this State IT Network Operations team sees “more users, doing more things, with more applications,” which translates to an associated annual 30 percent increase in overall traffic volume. In addition, Network Operations was increasingly challenged by Help Desk calls relating to troubleshooting specific network and application performance issues not resolved by in-place solutions. Such requests frequently required leveraging days of wire traffic for packet-level forensic analysis. With the network expanding, there was also a need to introduce remote “do-it-yourself” network analysis by local agency technicians. This long-time customer now leverages next-generation nGenius technology to deliver the performance and scaling capabilities needed to proactively analyze network traffic generated by thousands of users employing a variety of agency-specific and commercial business applications. Empowering local technicians with NETSCOUT OptiView XG network tablet technology enables core network troubleshooting to be conducted more quickly at the regional level to better-serve that agency’s administrators and customers.