Trusted By Major Metropolitan City

Major Metropolitan City trusts NETSCOUT to monitor network and critical applications including '911 Contact Centers' that unifies police, fire, and administrative services departments into one of the largest first responder teams in the United States.

Meeting the Visibility Challenge to Modernize IT for Increased Productivity and Security

As government agencies increase the use of modern technologies, retire outdated and insecure systems and direct modernization cost savings to mission-driven outcomes, the need for true visibility has never been greater nor more essential to success. Today, applications run everywhere and anywhere, multi-cloud is the new norm and cloud migration is well underway to public, private and hybrid clouds. To make matters worse, detecting and resolving security or performance issues is getting harder and the degree of difficulty for proactively managing the user experience in increasingly complex environments is off the charts. The consequences for this loss of visibility are serious: dissatisfied users, customers and citizens; cost escalations; and extreme difficulty in maintaining the skilled talent to manage this exceedingly complex environment.

Ensuring real-time visibility across any infrastructure, anywhere, for any application or service, in any way that is needed, requires a data-driven approach that takes time and risk out of the equation. NETSCOUT’s combination of Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) and ATLAS Intelligence provides continuous, uniform visibility and automates the detection of performance and security risks across connected services and their interactions. NETSCOUT technology and solutions protect against disruptions in digital services – whether in availability, performance, or advanced cyber threats and DDoS attacks – and can help deliver the speed, reliability, and rapid deployment required for state-of-the-art information services.


Cloud Smart with NETSCOUT

In any cloud environment (public, private or hybrid), sophisticated and intelligent service assurance tools are essential for both the migration to the cloud and subsequent operation in the cloud. Agencies need solutions that work with servers in a multitude of environments, including physical, virtualized, private cloud, IaaS public cloud or hybrid cloud deployments. Governmental IT teams want to migrate applications and services to the cloud with confidence and be able to drastically reduce CapEx and OpEx spending without compromising the end-user experience of the citizens and residents they serve. Another aspect of a high-quality experience with cloud-based services requires an ability to evaluate the service levels provided by third-party vendors to pinpoint the root cause of issues so the right remediation can be applied.


Next-Generation Cyber Security for Government Agencies

Protecting information and people from a rapidly emerging cyber threat landscape is often the top priority for many government agencies and often is the most elusive to achieve. Identifying internal threats leveraging existing technologies and providing early warning, threat detection, incident response and forensic analysis using the best data source for SecOps and Net Ops teams is essential. Likewise, identifying external threats and mitigating the impact to a system with blocking, providing contextual threat intelligence, and thwarting advanced volumetric, application layer, state exhaustion, and targeted malware attacks is no longer a luxury for government agencies – it is a necessity.

Arbor Threat Analytics is an enterprise-wide network threat and risk investigation solution that helps reduce the impact of cyber threats on your agency. It serves as an early warning system with the ability to promptly and efficiently detect, validate, investigate, and respond to cyber threats. This cost-effective and highly scalable cyber threat analytics solution easily integrates with popular SIEM platforms.



Arbor Edge Defense is a deployed at the network perimeter and uses a stateless packet processing engine armed with continuous highly curated, reputation-based threat intelligence to automatically detect and stop both inbound threats and outbound communication from internal compromised hosts that have been missed by other components in your security stack.

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Ensuring National Voter Registration Integrity

Commission Relies on Just-in-Time NETSCOUT nGeniusONE Deployment for Real-Time Election Day Performance Monitoring

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U.S. State Agency Reduces Network Operations MTTR with NETSCOUT Solution

NETSCOUT solution assures expanded network and UC Center performance needed to support successful government program delivery.

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Extending Data Center Performance Monitoring with Software-Based Smart Visibility

Government Agency Leverages Software-based Smart Visibility for Service Assurance of Hybrid Cloud Environment

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State Agency CIO Seeks to Stop Organizational Finger-Pointing with NETSCOUT

Single-Vendor NETSCOUT Approach Meets Strategic Planning, Open Compute, and Budget Needs

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European Agency Ensures Data is Available When Needed

NETSCOUT Helps Agency Expand Evidence Collection, Extend IT Reach to Proactive Application Monitoring

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State Commission Sets Digital Transformation Foundation with NETSCOUT

Agency Transforms Data Center, Network, and Cloud Application Performance

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Centralizing and Modernizing State Government Data Center Operations with NETSCOUT

IT Enhances Service Delivery & User Access, Improves SLA Compliance

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County Health Agency Assures Quality Performance of Cloud-Based EHR Platform

Improves patient care services with NETSCOUT.

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Government Agency Dramatically Improved Unified Communications Services Performance with NETSCOUT

nGeniusONE extends visibility and enable real-time remote site service triage.

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Metropolitan City IT Department Improves Support of Government Operations with NETSCOUT

nGeniusONE Service Assurance Platform delivers critical insights into network and application performance.

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County Government IT Team Improves Custom Application Performance and Benefits Delivery

NETSCOUT solution provides visibility into a key case management application, improving agency performance for recipients.

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Canadian Board of Education IT Teams Collaborate to Improve Network Security and Performance with NETSCOUT Solution

nGenius packet flow switch enables city to securely manage network traffic from new schools.

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City IT Department Adds Service Assurance for Integrated Emergency Call Services Using NETSCOUT

NETSCOUT solution improves coordination of first responder services dispatched on millions of annual calls.

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U.S. City Public Wi-Fi Performance Monitored and Secured by NETSCOUT

AirMagnet Enterprise provides 24x7 network monitoring and wireless intrusion detection and prevention.

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Canadian Public Healthcare Agency Supports Critical Patient-care Services through Actionable Intelligence

nGeniusONE, InfiniStream, and nGenius packet flow switches offer insights for rapid resolution of problems.

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State-Affiliated Insurer Gains Virtual Network Visibility with NETSCOUT

Workers compensation insurer's public web portal performance assured by nGeniusONE.

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Smart City Assures Leading-Edge 3-1-1 Services with NETSCOUT

nGeniusONE supports improved call quality and digital enhancements in contact center.

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State IT Teams Improve Service in Managing Increased Network and Application Demands with NETSCOUT

InfiniStreamNG platform with ASI+ and expanded NETSCOUT Service Assurance options support wide-ranging IT efficiencies.

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Service Assurance for Custom Applications in a Distributed Judicial Network

Statewide court system relies on NETSCOUT to assure IT application performance.

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NETSCOUT Supports Federal Agency Migration to a 40GB Environment and Expanded Network Monitoring Fabric

InfiniStreamNG and packet flow switch technologies support new data center operation.

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Agency Solves Two-Month-Old Problem in 2 Minutes with nGeniusONE

NETSCOUT solution addresses diverse network, UC, and Microsoft Office 365 rollout challenges.

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Military- and Carrier-Grade Call Quality Assured by NETSCOUT

Government Defense Agency Project Moves Ahead with NETSCOUT Software Cost-Containment Approach

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Agency Saves Time and Money with Holistic nGeniusONE Solution

This Federal government agency depends on tens of thousands of employees across more than twenty locations throughout the US, for which their IT group supplies a national infrastructure and business line technology services to operate.

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nGeniusONE Service Assurance for State & Local Government

The nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform delivers end-to-end visibility required to successfully implement and manage the complex technologies deployed in today’s government digital transformation initiatives,

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nGeniusONE Service Assurance Platform

The nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform streamlines service delivery assurance and management activities.

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nGeniusONE Service Assurance Platform Common Criteria Certification

The nGeniusONE platform is designed to comply with the most stringent security frameworks with extensive controls over data storage, controlled access to data, and hardening against external attacks.

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Service Assurance in City Government

NETSCOUT Service Assurance solutions help global cities to successfully deploy and securely manage digital transformation projects.

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Service Assurance in State Government

NETSCOUT Service Assurance solutions are designed for mission-critical State Government IT environments.

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Service Assurance in County Government

NETSCOUT Service Assurance solutions help County Governments provide digital services to residents.

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Arbor Cloud DDoS Protection Service for Enterprises

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Arbor Networks Spectrum

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Digital Transformation and the Need for Network Visibility, Application Assurance, and Performance Management

This IDC white paper examines the impact of the 3rd platform and digital transformation on IT priorities for enterprise network management.

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