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Troubleshooting Voice and Video Problems

Watch and listen as Solution Architect Ray Krug from NETSCOUT discusses voice and video signaling, end-to-end views, unique workflows for service performance analysis and service triage, SIP analysis, MOS, QoS, firewalls, network bandwidth and how NETSCOUT Smart Data is the critical ingredient to success.

Isolating the Root Cause of Voice and Video Quality Issues

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Automotive insurer uses NETSCOUT to rollout new VoIP solution to reduce voice outages in multi-vendor environment using high-level application layer workflows and deep-dive packet level analysis when needed.

Global law firm uses NETSCOUT to ensure high-quality voice, video and teleconferencing communications for internal and external clients and users, as well as manage their business-critical document management service.

Ensuring High-Quality Voice and Video Communications

Voice and video problems are often the most vexing IT problems to any organization because it impairs one of the most basic and important human communication vehicles.

Poor voice quality, one-way calls, bad connections, jumpy videos, and frozen videos wreak havoc on our ability to communicate in real time.

Oftentimes, UC vendor tools do not have the visibility nor the smart data to effectively troubleshoot. NETSCOUT technology isolates the root cause of voice and video issues and reveals QoS mismatches and change details so you know what to fix and where.

We can analyze traffic and solve congestion problems faster so you can more effectively manage bandwidth and improve your capacity planning efforts.

We can also provide synthetic tests for VoIP service availability from every site, test contact center, or audio attendant services, and examine internal and external call quality and availability.

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