Scalable Network Insights

Technology and, specifically, digital transformations have been instrumental in making the cruising experience more attractive to more travelers. Vacationers, staff, and crew communicate from home, ship, call centers, headquarters, or remote locations. From booking a trip to on-board reservations, every transaction needs to be seamless and high-quality.

Visibility into these digital services with comprehensive analysis from the combination of passive and active monitoring and synthetic testing will assure user expectations. This unique network environment, with requirements for protecting performance from ship to shore, to private, public, and multi-cloud environments is met with NETSCOUT’s scalable network insights for any infrastructure technology.


  • Visibility into applications for reservations, on-board purchases, credit card authorization, passenger manifests, crew scheduling, and reservations & excursions
  • Customer experience assurance with contact centers, mobile apps, and shipboard communications

Key Stakeholders

Passengers, Staff, and Crews

NETSCOUT assures end-to-end service delivery across even the most complex application environments – from ship, to shore, to cloud – to ensure that cruise lines and luxury resorts can stay up and running 24 by 7. This includes communications with mobile apps, websites, call centers, private or public cloud.

Cruise Line Stakeholders
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Focal Areas

Application Performance

NETSCOUT provides critical visibility into individual applications supporting the cruise line services and business, including voice, video, email, VDI, and business applications for quality customer experiences.

Network Performance

Complex, global, multivendor networks, with ships, wi-fi, data centers, contact centers, co-lo’s and hybrid cloud environments require visibility without borders.

Security and Availability

Intelligent, automated, hybrid DDoS defense from NETSCOUT protects extensive environments.

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