Radio Access Network Monitoring and Analytic Solution

As mobile technologies progress more and more intelligence is moving out of the core network, to the Edge and RAN. With smarter devices and more complex signaling, the RAN plays a major part in supporting, and adequately serving subscribers.

No matter how well the core network is performing, issues in the RAN can cause significant quality of experience (QOE) or Quality of Service (QoS) problems. For Carrier Service Providers (CSPs), understanding the RAN means proactively resolving problems, to reduce the risk of widespread, debilitating churn.

RAN monitoring combined with requirements for higher quality expectations for existing 4G services (mobility, data, VoLTE and video), and the arrival of 5G services like network slicing, only magnifies the problems in the RAN around latency, reliability, and additional signaling overhead.

CSPs must be ready to overcome any RAN monitoring challenges that impact time to market, network degradation, and ownership of fault isolation with cross functional teams.

5G RAN Planning and Deployment

CSPs interested in reducing OPEX with 5G must incorporate and achieve visibility into configuration management and automation frameworks to ease operational risks.

With NETSCOUT’s RAN Monitoring and Analytics solution, CSPs will benefit from best practices with a reliable life cycle network planning and oversight strategy for their 4G/5G and Open RAN networks. Starting from pre-launch to operations, RF teams can successfully identify and quickly resolve root cause service degradation anywhere in the network, to optimize issues based on proven data and actionable insights.

5G Life Cycle Phases

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Deploying 5G Networks?

Build RF Propagation models with real drive test ground truth data. Audit and optimize RF plan and design with real-time heatmap.

Need Simplify RF Workflows?

Over 4000 global unique RAN engineers use TrueCall GeoAnalytics workflow daily to solve RAN issues.

Testing RAN KPIs?

NETSCOUT RAN Analytics solution has proven assurance for workflows primarily with high level Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for RAN visibility, optimization, and performance.

How Smart Is Your RAN Data?

Achieve deeper insights into RAN and core performance for continuous assurance and improved optimization for your third-party applications with Smart Data feeds for actionable insights.

Trust but verify - RAN Policy working?

Ensure 5G automated policies with succinct KPIs, while validating performance especially for RIC with Open RAN.

NETSCOUT's RAN Analytics solution is 3GPP compliant, built on a cloud docker framework, and vendor agnostic. Our solution offers visibility with deep insights from Smart Data into the performance for all RAN activities around: monitoring, architecture, integration, deployment, and optimization.

NETSCOUT RAN Analytics Solution Focus Areas

Subscriber Network Analytics (OPEX)

Reduce Mean Time To Know (MTTK) using rich data sets with AI/ML for RAN Analytics

RAN Use Case Support

Kafka export to CSP AI/ML automation systems and standalone reporting options address Carrier Aggregation, SON/O-RAN Feeds, and Neighbor Cell Analysis

Embrace Open RAN with NETSCOUT

As 5G evolves to ensure visibility, CSPs must allow for a vendor agnostic monitoring solution to manage the assorted vendor landscape and support emerging architecture such as the separation of RAN base station elements for 5G: radio unit (RU), central unit (CU), distributed unit (DU) in support of these RAN service offerings ꟷ Traffic Steering, QoE/QoS, Massive MIMO, RAN Sharing, and Network Slicing.

Embrace Open RAN with NETSCOUT
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As technology advances the need to open up the RAN brings its own complexity with multifactorial issues:

  • IP transport assurance
  • Cell performance
  • Vendor interoperability and handover analysis
  • Cell analysis at the edge
  • RAN Intelligence Controller (RIC) automated policy
  • Data feeds

Considering these challenges, CSPs can achieve Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by prioritizing a scalable cloud-based ready platform.

5G and Open RAN Solutions for CSPs

Lower Total Cost of Ownership – NETSCOUT scalable cloud-based platform provides insights into any network performance and support hybrid and cloud-based networks.

Vendor Agnostic – NETSCOUT’s RAN visibility solution works with any technology, any network, any service regardless.

Partnerships – With decades of experience in the industry, NETSCOUT has developed strong global partnerships ecosystem to identify, improve, and resolve business use cases.

Proven Usability – Over 4000 unique daily users apply NETSCOUT's easy to follow geo analytics workflows to solve RAN issues.

Real Visibility into Trace Ports - NETSCOUT solution is cost-effective with vendor-independent trace port collection for genuine visibility into authentic RAN signaling.

Superior Subscriber Experience ꟷ With 24x7 real-time visibility, NETSCOUT powerful geo-analytics platform helps RF engineers quickly troubleshoot subscriber issues across 3G, 4G, 5G, and NB-IoT networks.


Real Time Visibility

Provide 24x7 real-time visibility needed to effectively troubleshoot RAN issues

Reduce OPEX

Reduce overall troubleshooting costs and the need for drive testing


Use geo-analytics to monitor RAN performance to detect and determine root cause of subscriber’s issues

Data Feeds

CSPs can feed data lake and data tools with Smart ASI valuable geolocated RAN signaling data for manual, AI/ML analysis, or geo-marketing

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