RF Propagation Modeling

The Most Accurate Predictions and Simulations

Propagation Model Calibration

There's no guesswork to what we do. We enable network planners and RF network design engineers to base decisions on science fact, not fiction.

Our qualified engineers plug our drive test data into our software to create the most accurate predictions and simulations enabling you to:

  • Save on operating expenses by avoiding unnecessary sites or coverage holes
  • Minimize network optimization time by leveraging predictive optimization
  • Stop doing your own costly drive tests by using readily available NETSCOUT Continuous Wave (CW) Drive Library. Learn more about our RAN software solution to minimize drive testing.

Additionally, we can create shapefiles based on both data collection and predictions to help with your rigorous FCC and Mobility Fund filings.

We will evaluate your current models at no charge. We create models quickly with our proprietary database of CW data and provide:
  • Quality Data Collection and Post-processing
  • Proprietary Software for the Most Accurate, Rapid Model Tuning
  • Patented Dynamic Range Compensation (DRC) Algorithm That Increases Accuracy
  • Ongoing Support for Your Completed Models

Inaccurately Calibrated Models Cost You Time and Money

We deliver a turn-key set of accurate calibrated models in just 3 weeks from our library of current drive-test data so you can design your network efficiently and save up to 20% of your annual spend on network planning and optimization.

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How to Use RF Propagation Model Calibration for 4G/5G RAN Planning

Watch this demo and learn why RF Propagation Model Calibration is a critical part of the RAN design and planning process. Topics include an overview of the NETSCOUT calibration process using Dynamic Range Compensation techniques and industry-proven modeling libraries.

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Cost-Effectively Optimize Cell Performance with Geo-Analytics

TrueCall geo-analytics help carriers reduce OPEX while optimizing cell performance.

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IDC Technology Spotlight: The Elevated Importance of 5G RF Propagation Modeling

With an initial focus on consumers, and later on business customers, communications service providers (SPs) are now investing to launch 5G-based services. While the promise of new revenue streams from these services is appealing, the reality is that network planning will be significantly more challenging in the 5G era than in an LTE world.

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Evaluating Propagation Models

5 Key Questions for Evaluating Propagation Models

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Propagation Model Calibration Services

Efficiently Design Your Network Investments

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