How did NETSCOUT get started?

Founded in December 1984 as Frontier Software, NETSCOUT has evolved from a software consulting business to a service assurance solutions provider. Now, 30 years later, with over one million product installations, hundreds of industry awards, and being recognized as a leader by the market analyst community, Anil Singhal remains the president, CEO, and chairman of the board. At the same time, Narendra Popat continues to advise NETSCOUT leadership in a substantive capacity.

What is NETSCOUT’s mission?

The entire world is now connected and communicating at light speed. Companies collectively spend nearly 80 trillion dollars to ensure the constant availability of communications. For an enterprise to thrive, you must have uninterrupted communication. So, like most of our devices and our connectivity, ‘There is No Off’ equates to efficiency. NETSCOUT’s mission is to enable its customers to be Guardians of the Connected World. By delivering constant and ubiquitous visibility in the connected world, NETSCOUT will be the world leader in service assurance.

What does NETSCOUT do?

NETSCOUT provides robust tools for the efficient and effective management of dynamic applications and service-delivery network environments. NETSCOUT’s proven application, network, and service intelligence offerings provide comprehensive insight into the dynamic and real-time nature of critical data, video, and voice services running across modern technology infrastructures.

What is driving NETSCOUT’s growth?

We live in a connected world where every business and every economy depends on always-on access to the global internet. The notion of downtime is no longer an option. For companies to thrive, they must be able to transact business 24/7 without interruption or even degradation. Ensuring that a company’s services adhere to the new normal is an essential and critical role for today’s CIO. Our growth demands that we are dedicated to supporting the CIO and all individuals and organizations in the connected world who plan, manage, and consume communications and business services.

Who are our customers?

NETSCOUT’s highly sophisticated tools are deployed at thousands of the world’s largest enterprises, government agencies, and service providers in more than one million installations. NETSCOUT’s service assurance solutions help assure “always on” network, applications, and service delivery is dependable and future-proof for its marquis customers across the globe.

Who are our partners?

To successfully promote our solutions, we team up with a select set of Alliance partners and Channel resellers that meet high standards in quality of work, professionalism, market recognition, and customer satisfaction. NETSCOUT has established the Technology Alliance Program to collaborate with best-in-class technology partners and enables Channel Resellers to promote and deliver our industry-leading service assurance solutions.

What are our products?

We provide software solutions that support service assurance, cyber security, business intelligence/big data, and test and optimization areas of our customer’s business.

For over 30 years, NETSCOUT has delivered breakthrough technology to capture and analyze network traffic at the packet level. The nGeniusONE platform helps dramatically shorten the time required to solve network and application performance issues by providing one common set of metadata for service visibility across application tiers, network components, and various user devices. Our next-generation Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) engine, powered by NETSCOUT’s patented Adaptive Service Intelligence™ (ASI) technology, leverages traffic-based data to provide real-time, contextual analysis of service, network, and application performance. In over 48 countries, the nGenius solution is deployed at more than 165 service providers.

Here is a comprehensive list of all our products and services.

What guides your product direction?

Since its inception, traffic-based instrumentation has been one of the core beliefs that have guided NETSCOUT’s vision and direction. As more and more business and activity are conducted over the network, traffic-based data becomes an even richer source of analytics information. So, to uncover the root cause of issues, our customers need to analyze the direct transactional traffic flowing into, across, and out of the network.

What are NETSCOUT’s Accomplishments throughout the Last Three Decades?
  • 20,000+ enterprise customers worldwide, ranking No.1 in IDC enterprise market share the past four years
  • More than 165 service providers deployed across 48 countries, ranking No. 3 in IDC service provider market share
  • Deployment by two-thirds of the Fortune 1000 enterprises
  • Listed on the Deloitte 2010 Technology Fast 500


Where is NETSCOUT located?

Our headquarters is in Westford, Massachusetts, and we have global office locations in the Americas, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. Our offices span the United States, India, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, China, Taiwan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Australia, and more.

How many employees does NETSCOUT have?

NETSCOUT spans three continents, with 15 offices and 3000+ employees.

How do I contact Investor Relations?

For information about NETSCOUT® Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTCT), please view the Investor Relations FAQ page, or contact us here.