Case Study

Banco Votorantim of Brazil relies on NETSCOUT Solutions to Deliver Exceptional Services for Customer Applications

Banco Votorantim of Brazil relies on Netscout


Business Challenge
  • Complex enterprise network supporting voice and data application services in Brazilian and international locations
  • Committed to high-quality customer experience
  • Lacked the visibility needed into all banking services from online banking to branch applications
  • nGeniusONE® Service Assurance platform with multiple InfiniStream® appliances for monitoring in data centers
  • nGenius® Packet Flow Switch for access and visibility to network traffic
  • OptiView®XG, TruView™ Live, nGeniusPulse to support branch offices
Business Value
  • Improved quality of the services provided by IT to their customers
  • Drastically reduce the time spent in identifying problems involving network and applications
  • Avoid downtime that affects services provided to business units with proactive measures

Customer Profile

Founded in 1988, Banco Votorantim is one of the largest privately held banks in Brazil. Headquarted in Sao Paulo, Brazil, its 4,000 employees deliver wholesale banking, wealth management and consumer finance from offices located in major cities across Brazil. They support retail and wholesale banking, treasury, foreign exchange, investment banking and asset management services to its customers. The Bank is a leading provider in the consumer finance area, offering traditional services including auto financing, credit cards, insurance brokerage, and payroll loans.

Business Challenge

As a major commercial bank, Banco Votorantim operates a complex enterprise network to support their locations in Brazil and internationally. Customers interact with the Bank at branch locations, electronically with web services, and on the phone with their call centers. Relationships with their customers is of great importance to the Bank and they strive to deliver the highest quality experience for any interaction, either on-line or in person at a branch. The IT department had implemented a tool to help troubleshoot network problems several years previously, however, as Banco Votorantim had continued to grow their customer base and added more Brazilian and international locations, the IT operations team realized they needed more than that tool could provide.

In evaluating their requirements, the IT Management determined they needed more visibility into their voice and data application services across the network for in-depth, real-time analysis, views and reports that could be used by any of the members of their IT team.


To address its requirements, Banco Votorantim turned to NETSCOUT® to provide visibility and service assurance in the Bank’s data centers and branch offices. The nGenius Packet Flow Switch was selected to feed vital network traffic from the data centers through to several InfiniStream appliances for analysis by the nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform. The nGeniusONE platform was chosen to monitor the bank’s applications including those for customer and revenue impacting services, such as on-line banking, credit card management and authorization, automobile loans, and wealth management, as well as all applications used by associates in the branches. To support the branch office demands, the IT staff deployed OptiView XG, TruView Live and nGeniusPulse.

NETSCOUT Solution in Action

NETSCOUT’s Adaptive Service Intelligence™ (ASI) technology provides metrics and features the bank has deemed essential for rapid detection and diagnosis of issues. The bank relies on key nGeniusONE features and subsequent use cases, such as web services response time analysis to troubleshoot slowdowns. If there is a delay in a potential customer receiving an online auto loan proposal, the prospect will just go to another bank’s web site. Members of the IT department are collaborating to quickly find the source of slowdowns to reduce poor customer experience and avoid impacting the bank’s revenue. As the Bank’s Head of IT Infrastructure, Marcelo Maylinch pointed out, “In a diverse and critical Data Center environment of a multiple services bank like Banco Votorantim, quickly finding a deficiency or failure that significantly affects the user experience is crucial for IT staff. We need to be ahead of problems and avoid downtime that affects services provided for all the business units.”

The Bank leverages the capabilities provided by the OptiView XG, TruView Live and nGeniusPulse solutions. The IT department is performing network performance testing, remote site Voice over IP (VoIP) analysis, and WiFi troubleshooting to improve quality user experience from their branch locations.

Business Value

This highly successful, major Brazilian bank, is addressing problems quickly to avoid issues impacting customers or business units with the NETSCOUT solutions. “We have selected NETSCOUT’s nGeniusONE platform for monitoring our Data Centers. By showing the traffic and behavior of applications in the environment, in a non-intrusive and uncomplicated way, it is possible to monitor the actual user experience and the quality of the services provided by IT. This is drastically reducing the time spent in identifying problems involving network and applications, enabling us to quickly solve incidents before they become a risk for the Bank’s business continuity,” Mr. Maylinch, Head of IT Infrastructure added.

Top-of-mind for the IT department at Banco Votorantim was delivering high-quality experience for its customers, regardless of how they chose to do business with the Bank, either online or at their branch locations throughout Brazil and internationally. Adding OptiView XG, TruView Live and nGeniusPulse for testing services is critical in ensuring an excellent customer experience in their branch locations.