X-Ray Vision for IT

Why visibility from the data center to the cloud and everywhere in between matters

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Superman had X-ray vision, which undoubtedly came in handy for spotting impending dangers. In today’s highly complex network environments, IT certainly could use a superpower to ensure the security and performance of vital networks and applications.

The pressure on IT continues to escalate as more and more enterprises engage in digital transformation (DX). A recent article in AIMultiple cited a survey that found 89% of responding companies have already adopted a digital-first business strategy or will be adopting one soon. Another study projected that DX spending is expected to hit $1.8 trillion this year, expanding to $2.8 trillion globally by 2025.

With this growing focus on DX, enterprises are increasingly migrating services to the cloud, whether it be AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google, or Oracle cloud. They are also utilizing co-location services, such as Equinix, and adopting software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions, including unified communications as a service (UCaaS), to meet the demands of the digital marketplace. The complexity of infrastructures creates blind spots, highlighting the need for greater visibility to assure service availability and performance everywhere.

Reliability and Quality of Voice Services and UCaaS Is a Business Imperative

The reliability and quality of voice services and UCaaS collaboration tools, particularly in today’s increasingly hybrid workforce model, has become a business imperative. In a recent NETSCOUT survey, 93 percent of respondents stated that collaboration tools are important to their hybrid work policy. The same percentage of companies added new unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) tools and apps in the past 18 months.

Without sufficient visibility into network voice and collaboration solutions, IT is unable to troubleshoot performance issues in a timely manner. Compounding the problem, when multiple vendors are involved, lack of visibility leads to increased finger-pointing, further slowing down the time it takes resolve problems. And with multiple monitoring tools in play, it becomes difficult, not to mention costly, to manage network and application performance.

Visibility Without Borders Is Key for Modern Infrastructures

The key to assuring the performance of voice and UCaaS services is full visibility across networks and applications—what NETSCOUT calls Visibility Without Borders. Unlike point tools that focus only on business data applications and require a separate tool for voice and video, NETSCOUT’s Visibility Without Borders is all-inclusive.

NETSCOUT Visibility Without Borders delivers insights into applications traversing hybrid cloud networks by using NETSCOUT Smart Edge Monitoring and analysis. This means visibility regardless of whether the environment is on-premises, co-located, private and public cloud, SaaS, or a virtualized network. NETSCOUT’s unique value is in Smart Data, created from deep visibility that provides both granular and service-level views.

Visibility Without Borders is key for effectively troubleshooting performance issues, achieving completeness in coverage in order to reduce time lost to finger-pointing from multiple vendors, and cutting costs associated with having to rely on multiple nonintegrated tools. By having a single vendor for multiple monitoring needs, such as network and application performance management, and for all applications including voice, video, business data, SaaS, and UCaaS, IT can ensure the best user experience, no matter where employees perform their jobs.

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