Will 5G Change the World?

An RCRWireless podcast with Greg Mayo, NETSCOUT senior director of engineering

5G AI Change World

Listen to an RCRWireless News podcast with Greg Mayo, senior director of engineering at NETSCOUT, discussing the progress of 5G deployments in terms of successes and areas for improvement after five 5 years in what typically is a 10-year technology-generation cycle.

Mayo speaks to what the next half of the 5G evolution has in store, with a focus on mobile operators delivering new services such as network slicing with 5G standalone will ensure precise service level agreements (SLAs) for enterprises.

An AI Veteran’s Perspective

Drawing on decades of experience with artificial intelligence (AI), Mayo shares how 5G with AI will help operators realize new degrees of process automation and optimization because of technological advancements in compute and processing capacity.
5G capabilities of higher bandwidth and lower latency favorably benefit enterprises such as government, healthcare, and gaming centers to engage in more immersive end-user experiences.

Mayo adds that 5G technology will support machine-to-machine services and ensure massive connectivity of things on a global scale.

In summary, Mayo admits it is undeniable that 5G has had an impact on the technology ecosystem. But the question remains, will 5G change the world? Listen to the podcast to get Mayo’s perspectives.

5G Slicing with NETSCOUT

NETSCOUT leads the industry when it comes to capturing and delivering accurate, real-time data, which will be essential for achieving the automation needed to make dynamic 5G slicing a reality.

NETSCOUT is a provider of virtual micro-probing technologies that observe individual network slices. This capability gives mobile operators complete access and visibility into packets, key performance indicators (KPIs), call traces and even feed from third parties’ data on each network slice—helping carriers ensure they are fulfilling SLA obligations.

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