WFH Connectivity Issues: Not Remotely Funny

How to provide the hybrid workforce a positive, consistent user experience with all their applications

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Today’s workforce is widely distributed, with users logging in from multiple devices in their primary homes, vacation homes, customer sites, coffee shops, hotels, office branches, and more. Globally, 62 percent of employees surveyed have opted for a hybrid work model. 
As companies continue to adopt the “productivity everywhere” mindset and employ hybrid work models, maintaining a positive user experience is critical to ensure business operations run smoothly. It has been reported that 95 percent of professionals face IT issues with remote work that hinder productivity. From unified communications as a service (UCaaS) quality concerns to VPN access issues to applications in corporate data centers, barriers to productivity can create a detrimental ripple that affects an entire organization.
In the past, employees working on-site could take a quick walk down the hall to visit IT and explain the issues they were experiencing. Better yet, they could ask coworkers around them for troubleshooting advice or see if they were experiencing the same problem. Now, opening a helpdesk ticket from a remote location has become a crutch. IT workers are swamped with tickets, and response times have increased as a result. This causes employee satisfaction and productivity to drop—for both parties involved.
NETSCOUT solutions offer IT operations teams critical visibility into hybrid work environments. The complexity of assuring quality performance and user experience becomes clearer when considering all the different networking resources hybrid workers depend on, including:  

  • UCaaS applications
  • SaaS applications
  • Critical data center-based applications
  • Wired and wireless performance in corporate offices to remote access services such as:
    • Virtual desktop interfaces (VDI)
    • Virtual private networks (VPN)
    • Voice over IP (VoIP) and infrastructure services

NETSCOUT nGenius Enterprise Performance Management provides unparalleled visibility into performance quality. Automated and continuous network testing and user emulation allows IT staff to replicate issues, proactively detect problems, and isolate the true root cause of degradations. Increased visibility allows IT staff to reduce mean time to repair (MTTR) and improve overall efficiency and productivity.
Getting in front of application degradations and network slowdowns by proactively monitoring performance can drastically reduce negative user experience impact.

See how NETSCOUT solutions help improve the user experience for the hybrid workforce.