By pulling data from 81 contributing organizations worldwide, the annual Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) not surprisingly generates some pretty comprehensive results. (NETSCOUT is one of those data providers, continuing what our ASERT research team has been doing for a long time.) So how do you get the most from it? In a recent Twitter thread, NETSCOUT AVP of Engineering Hardik Modi took a somewhat different approach:

Instead of reading the report in a vacuum, so to speak, he used a story about easyJet’s recent data breach to show how DBIR research helps in understanding a specific incident, while making it clear that this was an example:

Modi then summarizes the key details and places them within the context of the report:

From there, the deep trove of DBIR research helps adds important context:

As highly lucrative targets, airlines have attracted interested from attackers for some time, as ASERT noted last year. That’s where free tools such as NETSCOUT’s Cyber Threat Horizon can help. Create a free account and access DDoS attack information specific to your industry, such as, perhaps, Transportation….

Download NETSCOUT’s most recent Threat Intelligence Report for more deep-dive research findings. 

You can find the full DBIR here.

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