Secret Superpowers of Scalable Deep Packet Inspection

Sonar Grid Image similar to bottom of sea floor

What if there were an IT superpower? 
In the modern digital world of instant information, automation, cloud technologies, artificial intelligence, 4.3 billion IP addresses, virtual realities, and an app for anything and nearly everything, complexity has increased exponentially. As a result, IT professionals tasked with keeping people and information safe and connected are at a serious and painful disadvantage.
If you had access to a technology that thrived amid complexity and worked with any application, at any scale, for any cloud, hybrid cloud, private cloud, co-lo, or on-premises environment, wouldn’t you want that superpower? If that same technology could operate across and within any level of complexity to create efficiencies of time savings and better workflows, reduce the risk of damage to the business from cyberthreats and poor performance, and be more effective at solving problems—more rapidly, and more completely, than anything you have known in your entire IT life—wouldn’t that be an IT superpower?

Activate and Engage Scalable Deep Packet Inspection

NETSCOUT’s Scalable Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology accelerates problem resolution of exceptionally challenging network, application, and cyber issues by pinpointing the root cause of those problems so they can be fixed as quickly as possible. Our metadata provides actionable, meaningful content and context for performance management and network threat detection and response in ways that conventional packet and NetFlow solutions cannot deliver. This superpower utilizes comprehensive visibility across all aspects and surfaces of an enterprise network, including on-premises, hybrid cloud, private cloud, and public cloud—visibility that is derived from, and enabled by, Scalable DPI. As a result, IT professionals have the power of faster threat detection, better investigation methods with unimpeachable evidence, and an improved performance and security posture.

For example, NETSCOUT customers who have harnessed this secret superpower of Scalable DPI get to discover and find out what they don’t know about their environment and what is truly happening. Even if they no longer “own” the infrastructure or the people managing the infrastructure on which they depend, they have the power to build a single-pane-of-glass perspective. They utilize bidirectional flows up or down, gaining a holistic view across all that complexity. They can run a query that comes back in seconds (not days, weeks, or months). They exploit automated, actionable intelligence they can trust to isolate the source of the problem. 

What’s the Secret?

What’s the “secret” part of this Scalable DPI? First, you did not even know this superpower existed (secrets are not meant to be shared). Second, it sounds unbelievable, given your training and experiences in NetOps and SecOps “war rooms” (secrets always seem incredulous at first). And third, we are not disclosing how we developed this superpower (the secret formula that no one else can crack or re-create is essential for superpowers).
Often, our own customers can’t believe we do what we do and keep up with the increasing data rates at scale, until they see it firsthand in their environments. The compelling truth is that if it has an IP address and a time stamp, that’s all we need. We can then investigate; discover exactly what happened; and then illustrate who, when, and where, so smart people can go solve those problems fast.
Paul Barrett, our chief technology officer for enterprise at NETSCOUT, and Alan Selby, one of our best principal sales engineers, shared some great real-world examples of this unique superpower in “Solve Performance and Cyberthreat Problems Using Scalable Deep Packet Inspection” as part of our Problem Solvers Series. It may just give you the evidence you need to harness the superpower—one that even if it never makes it into a movie may indeed change your life as an IT professional.

Learn more about Scalable Deep Packet Inspection in our “Solve Performance and Cyberthreat Problems Using Scalable Deep Packet Inspection” webinar and explore the rest of NETSCOUT’s Problem Solvers Series.