NETSCOUT has the Best Medicine for Pharmaceutical Performance Issues

Man in white lab coat reviewing data on tablet in lab environment

High-performing pharmaceutical companies have no time for network and application performance issues. While researching, managing clinical trials, and manufacturing health-impacting products, they require end-through-end visibility to ensure all systems run smoothly. As they undergo continuous digital transformation to support operations in data centers, SD-WAN sites, cloud, and colocation environments, unparalleled visibility is paramount. At the same time, pharmaceutical leaders must be mindful of ever-changing compliance regulations that affect their day-to-day business.

As companies continue to adjust their business strategies to meet digital transformation goals, certain challenges remain unchanged. Here are three common challenges pharmaceutical organizations are facing, and how NETSCOUT nGenius Enterprise Performance Management can help by providing increased visibility:

  1. Bandwidth: IT resources are pulled in many directions, with hefty workloads and high-priority alerts constantly sent their way. This often creates a backlog and bottleneck effect when troubleshooting and triaging issues. To combat bandwidth issues, automation is key. nGenius Enterprise Performance Management allows organizations to conduct automated, continuous synthetic testing to assure user experience quality. When issues are detected by nPoints, alerting systems proactively gain the attention of network operations (NetOps) teams to swiftly investigate and resolve potential performance issues.
  2. Performance: With constant innovation and communication taking place, pharmaceutical companies do not have time for setbacks. Network latency and application degradations lead to lag time that can result in regulatory fines. To combat this, nGenius Enterprise Performance Management proactively analyzes network and application performance, monitoring application response times and connection time and gathering powerful analytics and Smart Data for analysis to maximize network efficiency and availability. 
  3. Agility: A key imperative for many pharmaceutical leaders is flexibility. With constantly changing regulations and compliance mandates, breakthrough innovation conducted daily, and lengthy supply chain operations cycles, the ability to pivot and adapt quickly is invaluable. nGenius Enterprise Performance Management provides complete visibility across any service edge, allowing organizations to improve performance, reduce complexity, and optimize business operations.

Learn more about how one global pharmaceutical leader faced these challenges head-on with the help of NETSCOUT performance management solutions.