Manufacturer Assures Both Availability and Quality End-User Experience for Remote Workers

Manufacturers Remote Worker Connectivity

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, directives to self-isolate sent all but essential personnel home to work remotely—a workplace shift stretching from weeks to months to sometimes more than a year. Companies large and small now are determining their strategy going forward for when and how to bring back some or all of their employees. One thing is clear, however: Remote work was largely deemed successful. Although there were some drawbacks and the situation was not always ideal, it was still more manageable than many had expected.

Corporate IT teams can be credited, in part, for this work-from-home success. If remote workers are unable to connect to the corporate network and application resources over virtual private network (VPN) or internet service provider (ISP) links, or if they experience delays, resets, cutoffs, disconnects, or other disruptions when accessing their data, voice, or video communications, then these employees are hard-pressed to be productive. Avoiding and/or quickly rectifying such occurrences has been a priority of IT organizations around the world.

Disruptions can occur for a variety of reasons. Typically, however, they fall under either a performance or a security umbrella. Identifying and pinpointing which of these domains the issue falls under requires visibility, particularly at the data center access point. Learn how one equipment manufacturer with tens of thousands of employees across 30 countries used NETSCOUT’s service assurance and security solutions to achieve success for its remote workforce using corporate network and application services.

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