As a result of COVID-19, consumers and businesses alike have become more dependent than ever on package delivery services. For one of the largest transportation and logistics companies in the world, with locations in multiple countries and more than 300,000 employees, any disruptions to its network could potentially imperil the delivery of the more than 1.3 billion parcels shipped per year. When a series of complex, targeted DDoS attacks struck the company, a critically important application service was disrupted, threatening to halt all of the company’s flights from taking off worldwide and potentially curtailing package delivery globally.

Adding to the challenges the company faced, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a dramatic increase in VPN traffic when employees began to work primarily from home. The DDoS attacks threatened to prevent critical access to internal applications via VPN. Historically, the company used multiple service providers to protect its globally distributed data centers, depending on the regional availability of such services from providers. It was apparent that during times of attack, the organization needed clarity and a consistent platform to protect itself, rather than relying on different SLAs with multiple vendors in numerous locations. To address this urgent problem, the company turned to NETSCOUT for help simplifying its DDoS mitigation infrastructure, replacing the different service providers with a single, provider-agnostic service that could also cover all global locations.

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