International IP Transit Provider Boosts Revenue with Enhanced Network Visibility

IP Transit Provider Boosts Revenue with NETSCOUT

International IP Transit Provider Boosts Revenue with Enhanced Network Visibility

As more and more businesses shift to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic and home-bound families spend more time using internet-connected devices for work, school, and entertainment, internet service providers (ISPs) face increased pressure to ensure networks are able to handle elevated bandwidth requirements. IP transit providers, who sell internet connectivity to other ISPs globally by connecting to one or more of their points of presence (PoPs), need to understand who is responsible for large flows of content on their networks in order to correctly plan for capacity. Ultimately, gaining insights into traffic is crucial in determining when new investments are needed to optimize the customer experience.

General network planning that doesn’t include traffic visibility typically results in peering negotiations with other IP transit and tier 1 providers. A lack of detailed visibility into the large amounts of traffic driven by content delivery networks (CDNs) and over-the-top (OTT) providers makes those negotiations more challenging, with involved parties arguing over who should pay for robust content use. For an international IP transit provider, visibility into the network’s traffic was seen as critical in gaining much-needed details into customer and prospective customer traffic. This invaluable information could be used to drive investments in additional capacity for existing PoPs, or to justify adding new PoPs.

The provider turned to NETSCOUT visibility solutions to deliver traffic flow matrices between existing and prospective customers and partners to uncover new market opportunities within existing regions as well as to expand into new geographies. The company also used the capabilities of the solution to offer customers the ability to capture visibility into their specific network traffic and to mitigate distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. This has become an important revenue opportunity for the provider.

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Wetherbee is a product marketing manager at NETSCOUT.