Leading Financial Institution Assures Remote Banking Operations for Customers

Citrix VDI application and VPN business continuity monitoring with NETSCOUT

Leading Financial Assures Remote Banking Operations for Customers

Several months into the global shift to remote work, enterprises understand just how critical their organizational virtual private network (VPN) performance and security profiles are to sustaining customer service delivery and business operations success. In these last few months, information technology (IT) teams quickly realized that seeing how business services traversed the VPN was essential to understanding bandwidth utilization and user experience.

When this retail banking institution closed some local branches and business offices, their remote workforce was increasingly reliant on Citrix Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) for efficient service delivery to customers now depending on consistent account access.

While Citrix application traffic had been configured to balance across several company data centers to help assure performance, the IT team could not visualize Citrix application traffic relevant to their local business operations. As a result, they were unable to monitor this expanded virtual environment or end-user experience at a critical time.

Learn how NETSCOUT Service Dashboard views were used to provide real-time analysis of Citrix traffic flows to improve VDI performance, enhance end-user experience, and assure customer service delivery.

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