According to a recent article in Statista, VPN usage in the United States surged during peak pandemic crisis weeks of March 8 to March 22, 2020, by as much as 124 percent. Increases elsewhere around the globe were around 50 percent for countries including Spain, France, Germany, and Russia and as high as 160 percent for Italy. VPN use is a preferred method for providing safe, secure access to corporate data centers for remote employees and partners. With the COVID-19 pandemic causing countrywide self-isolation orders around the world, enterprises resorted to employee access via VPN technology to maintain business continuity.

Overnight, business working models changed, and information technology was, more than ever, at the heart of business success. Scalability and performance of internet access links and VPN capacity became an executive-level concern. Learn how one leading US-based bank with 70 million customers worldwide assured end-user experience over VPN.

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Haggerty is associate vice president, product and solutions marketing, NETSCOUT

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