Grow Enterprise Customer Revenue and Improve Subscriber Experience with Superior RAN Data

Geomarketing and RAN data enablement allow CSPs to improve subscriber experience and market new services to enterprise customers.

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Do More with Your Data – Location, Location, Location

For many communication service providers (CSPs), geomarketing opportunities present a viable strategy for revenue growth. 

According to Orbis Research, location-based services (LBS) have gained significance across multiple industries, in part due to an ongoing focus on digital transformation. With LBS, CSPs have an opportunity to build and execute new marketing strategies for enterprise customers and grow their business. Your enterprise clients in the tourism, government, finance, marketing, and advertising industries, among others, want to offer useful content to end-users, which helps build loyal relationships. And, although many CSPs and enterprises alike have invested heavily in customer experience management (CEM) tools, they’re finding that the insights delivered are only as good as the data being fed into these tools. CSPs that can efficiently transform vast amounts of data into clean, anonymized fuel for multiple third-party applications will have an advantage when providing accurate insights and developing attractive and effective monetization offers for enterprise customers.

Additionally, you need intelligent and timely insights into your subscribers, services, applications, and network to assure complete end-user satisfaction, assure network performance, and validate network security. For a true picture of subscriber experience with your network, from their point-of-view, you need end-to-end, real-time network and service performance data. Because your subscribers’ interactions with your network are complex with many touchpoints, and their smart devices are always on, your network generates data constantly, exponentially. That’s BIG Big Data, and it’s crucial to understanding your network operation and performance. You need a plan for tackling the many challenges associated with Big Data—namely volume, variety, and velocity. 

However, most available geomarketing methods aren’t full-service solutions. They lack precision and are error-prone in dense urban areas, and they cannot address the growth of indoor usage or reconcile with past performance. The following summarizes the limitations CSPs and their enterprise clients currently face with over-the-top (OTT) GPS and passive geolocation methods.


  • Low battery life
  • Subscribers with GPS turned off
  • Errors in dense urban areas
  • No indoor coverage (and 70 percent of all calls are indoors) 

Passive Geolocation Gaps

  • Configuration errors in network element tables
  • Data biases from network equipment manufacturer and user equipment radio frequency
  • Increased latency of “weighting” past sessions to smooth movements

The Right Data Makes a Difference

What’s needed in a fully operationally feasible solution is the ability to take the massive volume of network data from multiple sources and deliver clean, well-structured data in real-time, which provides end-through-end pervasive visibility across the entire network.

NETSCOUT can help you with that. We have solutions for the many issues associated with Big Data and can assist with the development of actionable, lucrative insights into usage behavior. These insights can help you improve customer experience. 

Our Smart Data Radio Access Network (RAN) solution delivers superior analytics, intelligently and efficiently analyzing all of the data, and provides contextual analysis of your network and application performance. In fact, our algorithms and artificial intelligence/machine learning (AI/ML) provide a 50 percent improvement in accuracy over traditional methods—and with lower latency than passive approaches provide. Additionally, NETSCOUT Smart Data is a green technology that determines the best way to process, store, and retrieve data. Our eco-friendly RAN solution provides cost-effective data enablement and cloud-ready, real-time monitoring of the RAN control plane for end-through-end visibility across physical and virtual environments in a privacy-safe manner.  

We’ve provided companies around the world with successful location-based service solutions, based on clean Smart Data, to operationalize and capitalize. 

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