Calling Government Contact Center No Longer a Taxing Experience for Residents

A national tax agency improves experience for citizens calling into contact centers with solutions from NETSCOUT.

Calling Government Contact Center No Longer a Taxing Experience for Residents

The number of citizens filing taxes electronically has been on the rise globally since its introduction in the mid-1980s, and with good reason. Citizens like the convenience, while governments like the idea of cutting costs associated with the mandatory storage of physical tax returns. Not surprisingly, however, questions related to compiling and submitting electronic returns has spurred growth in phone support. Modern contact centers have helped government agencies answer questions to improve the accuracy and volume of returns filed, and their importance will only grow as more and more citizens file tax returns online.

Recently, a national tax agency was implementing several innovative digital transformation projects to meet citizen quality experience goals for many services, including tax collection, annuity, and higher education financial services transactions. The advancements would impact their constituent-facing contact centers, which supported thousands of calls across a dozen locations. Given the number of vendors involved in this complex delivery infrastructure, the IT staff recognized the need for visibility to ensure the highest quality experience for callers, and turned to NETSCOUT for help.

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Haggerty is associate vice president, product and solutions marketing, NETSCOUT