AWS – NETSCOUT Alliance Helps Enterprises Migrate to AWS with Confidence

AWS – NETSCOUT Alliance Helps Enterprises Migrate to AWS with Confidence

Today’s rapidly evolving digital economy relies heavily on our ability to use technology to easily partner and collaborate worldwide. As application and service complexities increase dramatically, enterprises are turning to AWS to accelerate digital transformation (DX) projects to meet revenue and customer satisfaction goals. This has resulted in the migration of applications using lift-and-shift, refactoring of existing applications, and the development of new cloud-native applications with microservices. To ensure success in the cloud, enterprise’s need the ability to eliminate performance "blind-spots" and quickly address service issues as they occur. NETSCOUT’s collaboration with AWS enables enterprises to migrate to the cloud with complete confidence.

As an Advanced Technology partner with AWS Networking Competency and Migration Competency, NETSCOUT is uniquely positioned to help enterprises and Communication Service Providers (CSP) effectively leverage AWS to execute DX initiatives. With the Migration Competency, AWS certifies to customers that NETSCOUT has been vetted, validated, and verified against a high bar to achieve this AWS Competency designation. The AWS Networking Competency designates NETSCOUT as an AWS Partner Network (APN) - Advanced Technology Partner, providing expert, demonstrated technical proficiency and proven customer success with a specific focus on a foundation for network management.

We have also started testing NETSCOUT visibility for Enterprise 5G services deployed with Wavelength. The Wavelength platform is deployed in the CSP edge data center to deliver multi-access edge computing (MEC), ultra-reliable low-latency enterprise services such as streaming video, IoT, AR/VR, gaming, and more. NETSCOUT uses VPC Traffic Mirroring to monitor both the edge 5G VNFs, the MEC server and other service delivery edge elements.

NETSCOUT is interoperable with Amazon VPC Traffic Mirroring, VPC Ingress Routing, and Gateway Load Balancer (GWLB). NETSCOUT participated in the Traffic Mirroring launch in June 2019 and the introduction of Amazon VPC traffic mirroring functionality, which captures and inspects network traffic at scale to detect network and security anomalies, delivers operational insights, enables the implementation of compliance and security controls, and helps to troubleshoot issues. VPC Traffic Mirroring augments NETSCOUT’s solutions for AWS by offering an efficient way to acquire packet data and deliver Visibility without Borders into applications and services end-through-end across the hybrid cloud. Visibility without Borders is based on continuous monitoring and processing of traffic data at the source. This ultra-high-definition metadata is then used to generate Smart Data, which yields actionable intelligence into the service performance of physical, virtual, and hybrid networks across any technology.

NETSCOUT’s interoperability with VPC Ingress Routing was announced on December 2019. Amazon VPC Ingress Routing allows enterprises to redirect the flow of traffic coming in and out of VPCs inline to security or packet-shaping virtual applications, which can now be effectively monitored through VPC traffic mirroring with vSTREAM for advanced service performance and security assurance. This approach complements NETSCOUT’s embedded virtual appliances that offer software-based instrumentation of application workloads to monitor service-critical traffic running within cloud infrastructures.

The recently announced AWS Gateway Load Balancer (GWLB) makes it easier for NETSCOUT to offer end-through-end visibility. The GWLB makes it easy to deploy our best-of-breed deep packet inspection and security appliances by adding high availability, scalability, and load-balancing capabilities. Since the GWLB can act as a concentrator for any routable network in AWS, the combination of VPC Traffic Mirroring, VPC Ingress Routing, and GWLB now enables customers to effectively acquire any North/South or East/West traffic in AWS and send it to NETSCOUT virtual appliances, vSTREAMs, deployed behind the GWLB in dedicated security and visibility VPCs. This traffic data is then converted by NETSCOUT into Smart Data and actionable intelligence used by enterprise customers for increased visibility, service triage, network analysis, service discovery, and service protection. 

AWS and NETSCOUT Together

NETSCOUT is also part of the APN Customer Engagement Program, which enables APN partners to build, grow, and drive successful customer engagements with AWS Sales. NETSCOUT is currently working on many joint opportunities with AWS Sales, as well as collaborating with ISV Success Managers to co-sell together.

AWS and NETSCOUT Partnership

The bottom line is that strong collaboration between NETSCOUT and AWS helps everyone win. Customers win since our end-through-end visibility helps them migrate to AWS with confidence while ensuring a delightful customer experience throughout the migration process. Post migration, they can use the same visibility to optimize service performance, reduce costs, and quickly detect and resolve service issues with low mean time to repair. AWS wins, since our collaboration helps accelerate migration and adoption of AWS services by satisfied enterprise and CSPs. And finally NETSCOUT wins, since we help our customers to navigate successfully through their DX journey and effectively execute AWS migration initiatives.

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