5-Star Review and a 360° View

How customer-centric retailers facilitate positive digital customer experiences by ensuring seamless network connectivity as they expand their business.

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The most successful retailers strive to keep the digital customer experience at the forefront of their business strategy. When making decisions, they constantly ask themselves: What is the customer’s shopping experience like? How is the product search process, and are the items typically in stock? Once the customer has “added to cart,” how simple is it to make a payment? And, of course, how swift is shipping and returns? Quality is centric to each of these areas of concern. In today’s digital age, monitoring and enhancing the quality of the end-users and customer’s experience is critical to customer loyalty and retention.

Insider Intelligence reports that U.S. e-commerce sales are expected to reach $1 trillion for the first time in 2022, catalyzed by the COVID-19 pandemic. As online sales velocity has catapulted, retailers must move quickly to expand all their supporting departments to meet increasing customer demands and provide a positive digital customer experience. However, in the wake of the Great Resignation, where 76 percent of retail workers that resigned did not return to a job in this space, staffing these expansions is no small feat.  

Issues abound for retail IT organizations, in particular during this period, as shifts in buyer behavior necessitate special attention on different parts of the enterprise infrastructure. Managing visibility of omnichannel strategies with minimal IT personnel caused this major retailer to turn to NETSCOUT for reinforcements to maximize its digital customer experience.

Essential to the retailer’s success was the integration of NETSCOUT’s premium support engineer (PSE) to its team. The PSE was dedicated solely to the management of the NETSCOUT deployment, assisting with configuration and analysis of dashboards, reports, and prioritization of issues the solution brought to light. With its reputation for consistently making the Fortune Magazine 100 Best Places to Work list, it is no surprise that this retailer anticipated the value the dedicated PSE resource would bring in alleviating the workload for its existing NetOps team as the organization expanded operations.

The expansive network edge has grown to include remote users, co-los, and cloud edges, in addition to traditional data centers. Via Smart Edge Monitoring, NETSCOUT helps ensure quality digital customer experiences by identifying root-cause issues and reducing mean time to repair (MTTR) in troubleshooting. Learn more about how this retailer expanded to new facilities and ensured a positive experience for its staff and customers with NETSCOUT Smart Edge Monitoring.

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