Continuous Monitoring with AWS Security Hub & NETSCOUT Omnis Cyber Investigator

As organizations migrate workloads to the cloud, infrastructure becomes more hybrid, making end-to-end visibility a necessary tool in combating threats across the global attack surface.

As a validated Networking, Migration, and Public Sector Partner, NETSCOUT Systems, Inc. collaborated with AWS to provide first-of-its-kind end-thru-end visibility across the hybrid cloud to efficiently mitigate security risks while decreasing operational overhead.

Join us to learn:

  • How Omnis Cyber Investigator (OCI) and a global threat intelligence feed integrates with AWS Security Hub
  • How AWS Security Hub enables IT teams to detect, validate, investigate, and respond to cyber threats
  • How NETSCOUT’s Omnis Cyber Investigator and the AWS Security Hub quickly and efficiently protect the global threat landscape