How to Monitor 5G Radio Access

Watch this demo for an introduction on how to use NETSCOUT TrueCall software. The video captures TrueCall effortless workflow with real- life business use cases.

Using data from NETSCOUT instrumentation layer, TrueCall provide unique insights into network coverage, network utilization, device usage, interference, and call drop rate.

5G Radio Access

NETSCOUT TrueCall workflow is intuitive, easy to use and allows for in-depth reporting on cell performance to support RAN optimization and troubleshooting, RAN planning, and Geo-marketing and Data monetization.

TrueCall’s real-time workflow starts with a heat map view for quick analysis into issues.  With over 200 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), TrueCall is a 24/7 tool that provides 100% geo-analytics for all subscribers.

Handset analysis, quality and coverage analysis, 5G site planning, small cell planning, justification of new sites, geo and mobility analytics can all present challenges for organizations in terms of expenses.

Through careful monitoring, planning, and optimization strategies, NETSCOUT TrueCall can help carriers proactively gain actionable insights to effectively reduce OPEX/CAPEX.

What is driving RAN optimization?

As mobile technologies progress, more and more intelligence is moving out of the core to the edge and RAN. With smarter devices and more complex signaling, the radio access network (RAN) now plays a major part in supporting and adequately serving your subscribers. 

There is a growing need to understand this domain, resolve problems and reduce the risk of widespread, debilitating churn. No matter how well the core network is performing, the RAN can cause significant Quality of Experience (QOE) problems for your subscribers, erode profits, and chip away at your brand. The introduction of VoLTE services only magnifies the problems, due to inherently higher voice quality expectations by subscribers, lower latency tolerance, and additional signaling overhead.

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