Case Study

Global On-line Software Company Extends Service Assurance Capabilities with NETSCOUT

Global On-line Software Company Extends Service Assurance Capabilities with NETSCOUT


Business Challenge
  • Domain problems with UC&C solution created disruptions to end users
  • Several dozen monitoring and troubleshooting tools created convoluted portfolio resulting in high degree of inefficiency
  • Duplication and redundancy in tools was costing the company in excess of $1 million a year in maintenance expenses alone
  • nGeniusONE® Server and several InfiniStreamNG™ appliances for the data centers
  • nGenius®PULSE for infrastructure performance management and VoIP testing from the branches
  • Utilizing new views and contextual drilldowns between nGeniusONE and nGeniusPULSE to speed root cause analysis and reduce troubleshooting time
Business Value
  • Optimize the business and ensure availability of corporate services to the branch offices with visibility and analysis into application services through innovative Adaptive Service Intelligence™ (ASI) technology
  • Achieve lower MTTR when diagnosing customer-impacting application slowdowns
  • Increase operational efficiency, dramatically consolidate its tool portfolio, reduce suppliers, and lower total-cost-of-ownership

Customer Profile

This is a well-established multi-billion dollar, on-line software company with nearly 8,000 employees in offices located across North America, Europe and Asia. For a quarter century, this innovative organization has serviced millions of Internet customers using market-leading, financial management services software - with Web input, updates and downloads - from consumers to small businesses and extending to many medium-sized concerns world-wide. Today, their customers depend on availability and highly responsive experiences with on-line services for managing their businesses, paying taxes and/or handling their household budgets. Disruptions and delays are NOT an option!

Business Challenge

As a global software company, communications and collaboration were considered vital to the success of business operations. Unfortunately, the company’s Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) solutions were plagued with problems, causing significant disruptions for end users. Further, recognizing users in their global offices experienced performance problems at times, and IT staff was not in position everywhere, the remote site monitoring team was sourcing WAN service visibility to rapidly address issues as they occurred.

Isolating and resolving domain problems presented significant challenges for the corporate IT team. By relying on several dozen monitoring and troubleshooting tools, IT was hamstrung with a convoluted portfolio that resulted in conflicting and at times contradictory information leading to a high degree of inefficiency when it came to problem identification. Adding to the challenge, the duplication and redundancy in these tools was costing the company in excess of $1 million a year in maintenance expenses alone.

Lacking a single, viable tool for network and application service assurance of the entire enterprise, IT was hard-pressed to quickly identify the root cause of UC&C disruptions or remote site issues and resolve them in a timely manner. The company set out the goals to fill the gap in UC&C visibility, improve operational efficiency, and drive cost savings through consolidation and standardization of monitoring tools. Their plan was to develop a strategic approach to achieve more comprehensive service assurance with a valued vendor partner.


After careful review, this long-term NETSCOUT® partner initially selected the nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform primarily to achieve their goals of gaining service assurance visibility for their UC&C services. They selected the nGeniusONE Server, several InfiniStreamNG appliances, nGenius for Flows, and nGenius Collectors for NetFlow monitoring. They subsequently added the nGeniusPULSE for remote site synthetic transactions for VoIP, as well as for infrastructure health analysis and testing.

NETSCOUT Solution in Action

The Software Company has leveraged the capabilities offered in the NETSCOUT solutions in their data centers and branch offices to cost-effectively achieve a more complete and holistic approach to service assurance and allowed the IT staff to address several critical areas simultaneously. A key differentiator in choosing the nGeniusONE with Adaptive Service Intelligence (ASI) information from the InfiniStream appliances was the ability to provide VoIP and Video service assurance. This functionality enabled IT to monitor and analyze their VoIP, instant messaging and Jabber sessions along with associated QoS class assignments to verify they are correctly configured. The single call view is frequently used to pinpoint the source of quality issues and quickly confirm that “It’s not the network” that is the source of the problem.

The Software Company has leveraged nGeniusPULSE in a variety of ways to meet their service assurance demands. Initially, for VoIP and application testing from the remote branch offices, partner sites, and points at corporate headquarters to the data centers, nGeniusPULSE was used for synthetic transactions. More recently, with new feature rich enhancements, the IT staff is analyzing MIB2 information in addition to the synthetic transactions. And with new global geospatial views of their enterprise environment, they can gain a snapshot glance into infrastructure, WAN and service health based on the synthetic transactions and MIB2 data. With integration between the solutions now in place, rapid troubleshooting with contextual drill downs from nGeniusONE to nGeniusPULSE are reducing mean-time-torepair UC&C and data application issues and helping uncover problems impacting service assurance to the branches.

Business Value

With the NETSCOUT solutions, the software company’s IT team is dramatically improving its operational efficiencies by consolidating and standardizing its disparate network monitoring and troubleshooting portfolio. The combination of nGeniusONE and nGeniusPULSE allows IT to increase operational efficiency, dramatically consolidate its tool portfolio, reduce suppliers, and lower total-cost-of-ownership.

The NETSCOUT solution enables IT to monitor, troubleshoot and triage the company’s UC&C environment, ensuring the highest quality VoIP and video, instant messaging and Jabber, while meeting quality-of-service (QoS) verification requirements. IT is successfully achieving lower MTTR with timesaving analysis from the remote locations to the data center and with contextual troubleshooting workflows from nGeniusONE to nGeniusPULSE.