Case Study

Service Assurance for New VoIP Service Brings Music to the Ears of this Business Process Provider’s Clients

Service Assurance for New VoIP Service Brings Music to the Ears of this Business Process Provider’s Clients


The Challenge
  • UC&C visibility and performance issues occurring in BPP’s hosted Cisco Voice Over IP (VoIP) technology pilot
  • Network Operations lacked effective troubleshooting capabilities from using existing APM tools
  • Delayed VoIP deployment raised Executive-level visibility and represented lost revenue opportunity
The Solution
  • nGeniusONE® Service Assurance platform with UC analytics
  • InfiniStream®, InfiniStreamNG™, and Virtual InfiniStream appliances
  • nGenius® 3900 series packet flow switches
The Results
  • Improved service quality & consistent user experience for clients with full UC service visibility with NETSCOUT® smart data
  • Client-accessible Service Dashboards views reduce service calls to BPP
  • Improved SLA compliance with customers

Customer Profile

This Business Process Provider (BPP) leader delivers Managed Service solutions to diverse commercial and government customers across the globe.

In expanding their market share, the BPP manages numerous data centers and provides the technology expertise necessary for delivering the next-generation Unified Communications & Collaboration (UC&C), network, application, and cybersecurity platforms that help clients better run their businesses with the agility and cost-effectiveness they require.

The Challenge

The BPP provides UC&C technology hosting as part of the managed service portfolio offered to customers. Follow-the-sun support is a crucial part of this offering in meeting the demanding service level agreements (SLAs) they have put in place with their clients.

For their UC&C offering, the BPP selected Cisco Voice Over IP (VoIP) technology to be deployed in one of their data centers. The Network Operations team conducted a pilot phase to identify any performance issues prior to putting the service into production.

During the pilot, Network Operations realized they did not have UC&C visibility sufficient to monitor Cisco VoIP performance. When call set-up errors started occurring, the Network Operations team could not troubleshoot the problem.

While the BPP employed other Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solutions for Cisco VoIP troubleshooting, these vendor technologies were unable to provide IT with needed visibility or the smart data necessary for troubleshooting the Cisco VoIP pilot platform. The IT staff is acutely aware that their network and the services that run through it are truly their business.

Thus, pre-production tests are a standard practice, enabling them to set guidelines for predictable responsiveness and availability for their customers. It also helps them to ensure the optimal performance for the services before launching to clients. This is precisely the process they followed as they prepared to introduce their Cisco VoIP-based service offering.

As expected, the IT team uncovered several issues they wanted to address prior to launch. However, pinpointing the cause of the call set-up errors became more cumbersome than anticipated. Existing tools were inconclusive and at times conflicted with each other. Frankly, they lacked the wire data visibility they needed to quickly isolate the issues.

The BPP’s executive team started to take notice of the Cisco VoIP pilot status and press IT for answers to these call set-up issues.

Solution in Action

The IT staff solved the Cisco VoIP performance issues by turning to their nGeniusONE Service Assurance platform for NETSCOUT’s smart data and UC&C smart analytics to gain the visibility and triage support required to address the problems.

In tackling the call set-up issues, an nGeniusONE application Service Dashboard view was configured to monitor the Cisco Voice Signaling environment. With the dashboard quickly revealing a 4% error rate, IT was able to contextually drill down into the Call Server Monitor for granular information, showing registration failures occurring at two of their data centers in a 24-hour window. With a subsequent drill-down, IT determined that the call set-up issues were localized to one WAN monitoring location experiencing 2,000 registration errors every 5 minutes.

Using nGeniusONE reporting, IT narrowed the timeframe origin of the issue, then employed Call Server Monitor to pinpoint the issue as relating to a single IP address used for the Cisco VoIP Call Server at both data centers. With that information in hand, IT was able to reconcile the IP address issue during the pilot and assure the performance issue was not related to Cisco VoIP technology.

Without the end-to-end, multi-tier visibility afforded by nGeniusONE, IT would have experienced further delays solving this issue.

The BPP successfully rolled out the Cisco VoIP platform to their customers, thanks to NETCOUT’s ability to differentiate UC&C technology issues from those in the IT infrastructure.

The Results

The BPP business has benefited from NETSCOUT technology’s ability to support managed service uptime to clients, helping them meet established SLAs for today’s solutions and expand their business portfolio with value-added UC&C services.

With the successful Cisco VoIP rollout, the BPP is increasing service value to customers, with NETSCOUT’s real-time monitoring platform assuring VoIP service performance along-side other UC&C and workspace applications, as well as delivering expanded recurring revenue opportunities to the business.

The BPP has also improved the customer support efficiency by providing clients with intuitive Service Dashboard views in nGeniusONE, customized for their environments. With this real-time performance monitoring, clients are better informed regarding overall service status and less inclined to open customer service tickets with the BPP.

The BPP also benefits from associated reductions in operations costs, technology silos, and vendor-specific toolsets, with the NETSCOUT smart data source and nGeniusONE smart analytics accessible by all IT disciplines.

The BPP has now identified NETSCOUT as their Network Monitoring vendor of choice for their North American data centers, standardizing on NETSCOUT’s smart data and smart analytics technology platforms required deliver the high-quality managed services delivered to clients.