Visibility Helps Government Agency Achieve Success with Co-Lo Migration

Customer extends value in NETSCOUT technology investment to assure user experience.

data center with encryption

NETSCOUT has talked in the past about digital transformations and the issues that can occur when migrating applications from private data centers to co-locations and cloud environments. As recently as May, we explored the implications of one government agency’s migration to Amazon Web Services and discussed how that agency leveraged NETSCOUT visibility to regain control of its environment with service assurance not only for planning purposes but also for triage and troubleshooting performance issues before, during, and after the transition.  

The data center co-location (co-lo) migration presents very similar challenges to organizations. One recent report estimates that the co-lo market will grow by nearly $47 billion between 2022 and 2026, representing a 13.96 percent compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

Migrating applications to co-lo environments enables companies and their IT organizations to benefit from lower infrastructure capital expenses while modernizing their services. It also lets them maintain a level of control over their own application environments. However, one challenge is the lack of visibility for performance monitoring and troubleshooting within that environment—visibility IT teams have come to rely on in their own private data centers.

Not unlike when moving services to the cloud, problems can and do emerge as applications are being migrated to co-los. Business continuity issues, service performance degradations, and/or delays in resolving end-user experience difficulties with migrated applications can leave a negative impression in the eyes of the employees and customers.

NETSCOUT customers have been involved in countless co-lo migrations over the last few years. Recently, a government agency achieved success migrating key applications to Equinix co-los, using NETSCOUT’s service assurance solution for monitoring and analysis. Learn more about the agency’s strategy and outcomes.