U.S. Medical Center Improves Healthcare Delivery and Critical Application Performance with NETSCOUT

Leading center consolidates IT tools and gains real-time intelligence into EHR, radiology reporting, and UC&C performance.

U.S. Medical Center Improves Healthcare Delivery and Critical Application Performance with NETSCOUT

A leading medical center actively involved in addressing the COVID-19 medical crisis on several fronts, including providing primary healthcare delivery services and coordinating research and development (R&D) efforts to advance innovative treatment options, needed to gain a simplified, consolidated view of its digital healthcare delivery systems to optimize performance and analytics.

As the medical center navigated through additional patient care and R&D challenges that surfaced as a result of the pandemic, it increasingly relied on the comprehensive digital applications employed for healthcare delivery, including an Epic Electronic Health Record (EHR) system supporting nearly 20,000 employees and a voice-based Nuance PowerScribe app offering voice-to-text functionality that improves radiology reporting accuracy.

Although the digital applications were recognized as business-critical, the center’s IT team experienced consistent difficulties gaining the visibility necessary for real-time monitoring of these services. In addition to visibility challenges, IT was frustrated with a “too many tools, too many vendors” scenario that was creating functional overlap in some cases, conflict in others, and gaps where visibility was still required.

After scrutinizing alternative tools that might address their collective visibility and healthcare service delivery technology challenges, the medical center’s leadership turned to NETSCOUT’s “visibility without borders” approach, which eliminated blind spots across the enterprise and equipped IT with the smart analytics needed for vendor-agnostic application performance monitoring as well as with troubleshooting that differentiated root cause in this complex environment.

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