When the coronavirus pandemic sent virtually everyone home to stay, the healthcare industry was presented with challenges that went beyond the herculean efforts of treating COVID-19 patients. One major hurdle was finding a way to extend patient care for noncritical issues during the quarantine. Top of mind for medical staff was ensuring their patients felt safe if they needed to consult with their physicians during this period. For the majority of people, that meant avoiding hospitals and medical offices to minimize exposure to COVID-19.

In fact, the pandemic gave telehealth an unexpected starring role as a high-value solution for supporting patient care. In the wake of unprecedented increases in first-time and expanded use of telehealth services throughout North America and beyond, industry leaders sent letters in early June to Congress and the US Department of Health and Human Services outlining how they see telehealth services in the future and asking that temporary waivers for two dozen federal regulations related to telehealth patient care during the pandemic be made permanent.

With the new dependency on telehealth services likely to continue going forward, learn how one healthcare organization is protecting patient experience with telemedicine by leveraging NETSCOUT visibility throughout its enterprise network. 

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Haggerty is associate vice president, product and solutions marketing, NETSCOUT

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